Tiny Things

Lots of tiny things that happen throughout the week can make up for a few really big disappointments.

This week has not been my favorite. There have been a few really hard times and some really frustrating times and times when I’ve had to just sit alone and tell myself that “this too shall pass.” Incredible people pass away and it hits you just right (or wrong, I guess.). Policemen block entrances to school parking lots, thinking they are hot stuff and then you get really bold and honk at them and yell that you need to pick up your kids from school……

…poor choice, Ruthie.

But sprinkled in between these random tough times are tiny wonderful things that remind you how happy and great life is.

You find a selfie pic on your cell phone, courtesy of the 4 year old.

Photo Sep 13, 9 44 48 AM

The 2 year old steals yet another pair of shoes. She has a thing for other people’s shoes and it’s hysterical every time.

Photo Sep 14, 7 31 58 PM

You find a seriously funny but equally stupid meme on Pinterest but laugh out loud.Photo Sep 15, 1 04 18 PM

You make a bomb batch of brown butter chocolate chip cookies and know the next door neighbors are going to love them.Photo Sep 19, 2 12 03 PM

You make your last 2 pair of harem toddler pants and decide you hate sewing. But are secretly really pleased with yourself for the crazy cuteness of these pants.Photo Sep 19, 11 00 06 AM

You finish editing pictures for some favorite friends and can’t stop smiling at how adorable your friends are.


You decide to make your children dress up as woodland creatures for Halloween without giving them a choice and you know the photos from this Halloween will be cuter than any other Halloween. Ever.


You get to see, in person, the huge project that your 8 year old has been working on and talking about non stop. She is so proud and it makes you so thankful and lucky for where she is. Ms. Megan and CHMS is the best. septemberswim-2

This guy does things like goes to feed the birds at 9:00pm, watches “Mystery Diners” with you and cooks AND cleans up dinner. Because he’s awesome.


You discover the best book ever. And you read it over and over and can’t wait until your kids get home so you can all read it together. And that doesn’t happen very often.instructions

The guy above? He tells you a hysterical story about something funny and embarrassing he did in Albertsons (like maybe wave to this cardboard cutout thinking it was a real person waving to him) so when you finally get to Albertson’s and see the cardboard cutout is insanely tiny and not even waving, you laugh hysterically, maybe pee your pants just a little, but the guy above laughs too because he’s awesome. Remember?Photo Sep 17, 5 59 47 PM

Your 2 year old and her best friend are the cutest 2 year olds on the planet and do adorable things like this.Photo Sep 17, 8 32 31 AM

(I mean..look at them… they are wearing BEST FRIEND t-shirts!!!)

Daddy comes home for lunch and the 4 year old is happy.Photo Sep 18, 11 34 09 AM

You’re having an especially rough day and while you’re cleaning up school clothes that you literally just organized a week before, you find the bottle of “caring clay” nail polish that Clay’s mom got you. You haven’t used it since you moved and it’s been put away since. I like things like that.

Your 6 year old walks into your bedroom at 6:45am and says, “Good morning, Mama. It looks like it’s quite a gloomy day.” And when he talks, you can’t help but smile.

I remember what a good friend to my grandparents both Dan and Leonie were. I remember my grandparents and how amazing they both were. And it makes me happy that they all had such fun and great times together and they probably are now, too (because I’m totally one of those people who believes stuff like that).

And I remind myself that as long as you are a good person (one who occasionally can make poor choices, but then feels bad about it and who might apologize to the cop if she saw him again. But probably wouldn’t. But would kind of feel sorry.) and are kind and compassionate and respectful, good things will happen. You will be happy. And it’s up to yourself to make choices to be happy. (Sometimes that’s hard, but it’s the truth). Also…did that all sound like a tongue twister? I’m too lazy to go and reword it.

Know what makes me happy? Throwback Thursdays.

It’s Thursday, y’all.

(5 months pregnant with Maria)Photo Sep 19, 3 04 20 PM

Chakka and Gurkan and Jamie (our waiters on our Disney Cruise)Photo Sep 19, 3 05 46 PM

My grandpa and I with newborn MariaPhoto Sep 19, 3 06 02 PM


2 thoughts on “Tiny Things

  1. childrenshouse

    Ruthie you are wonderful and honest and I am thankful that you take action. I am.sorry you’ve had a rough week.


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