Did I arrive late to the hashtag game? I’m late to every cool thing, you guys. Except Sadie’s wedding this weekend.

Holy hell, that wedding was amazing.


(Hi, I’m Sadie. I get married at magazine-worthy venues, look like a supermodel, am hilarious, sweet, and everyone likes me. Big effing deal.)

So let’s see….the weekend started on Friday at noon. Okay, actually earlier, like 8:30am. Our friend Ellen and Joel are our go-to over night sitters. Ellen has known my kids for a long time and they are all really comfortable around her. Well….Ellen is also pregnant. Like…pretty much 9 months pregnant. Let me defend myself before you say, “Why would you ask a 9 months pregnant woman to watch your 4 kids for a weekend?!”

Defense: Ellen does NOT act 9 months pregnant. First of all, she just recently actually got a ‘big’ baby bump. Secondly, she has more energy than I did when I was 4 months pregnant with any of my children. She actually texted me, “Can I take your kids to the roundup parade?” Seriously? That parade is hell. Thirdly, I haven’t heard her complain once. Not about aches and pains. Not about how ‘big’ she is. Not about how tired she is. So I totally forgot her due date is OCTOBER FIRST!! Ellen…let this be my formal apology.

So anyway, she’s getting closer to delivering and maybe she’s starting to show signs of that physically…I mean, I’m no doctor. But I do know that if she had gone into labor while watching my 4 kids, I’d never forgive myself. I’d feel HORRIBLE! So Danny stayed back while I drove over to Walla Walla. Hailey and Haley joined me.

We all stayed at the Holiday Inn Express, so we met there and then drove out to Waterbrook Winery for rehearsal. A-Maze-Ing. Nothing was actually set up yet, but even then, it was perfect. We practiced walking in then headed off to rehearsal dinner at this place called Sweet Basil Pizzeria. Yum.

Photo Sep 06, 7 03 00 PM

Photo Sep 06, 8 19 56 PM

There was a lot of pizza eaten. Lots of photos taken. And lots of wine…drunken? Drank? Drunk? Yes. Drunk….

Photo Sep 06, 8 21 20 PM

After dinner we headed back to the hotel and hung out. I forgot what it’s like to hang out and have fun and laugh until your cheeks hurt. It’s fun, that’s what it’s like.

So anyway, Olive and I headed to bed early after begging Dan via phone to drive over Saturday. I’m kidding, nothing requires begging with Dan. He’s the best.

The next morning at 9:00am, we headed to the wedding venue and stopped at Starbucks. We thought, “Let’s have them write “bridesmaid” on our cups like all those pictures we see on Pinterest.” Because we’re so cool.

This is what we got:

Photo Sep 07, 9 04 47 AM

Are you serious? Did the barista hold the pen in her mouth and move the cup up and down to form the letters? Because that’s what it looks like. The stupid barista ruined our Pinterest picture and she didn’t even effing care. Lisa and Jessi would never do that…

So anyway, the next several hours were spent getting ready:

Photo Sep 08, 8 46 23 PM
(Hailey and Sadie)

Photo Sep 08, 8 47 30 PM
(Sadie’s niece, Landrie, helped take care of Olive)

Photo Sep 07, 9 29 31 AM
(breastmilk prep for when Dan arrived to get the baby!)

I don’t exaggerate when I say that Sadie was the easiest person to ever be a bridesmaid for. She was SO thankful for any tiny thing I did to help, but hardly asked for anything! She was super easy going and it was so important to her that we were enjoying ourselves for every aspect of wedding planning. She’s the sweetest. She also got each of us a robe, earrings, and a sweet bracelet with our initial on a charm.

Photo Sep 07, 9 20 15 AM
(i love that girl)

Photo Sep 07, 9 30 09 AM
(pre-hair and makeup)

Photo Sep 07, 10 51 30 AM

We got ready in the “bungalow” — an incredible building next to the winery. I would be thrilled to have this as my home.  But alas, I don’ t own a winery in wine country.

Photo Sep 07, 11 48 26 AM

Photo Sep 07, 1 38 40 PM

Photo Sep 07, 5 39 59 PM

Photo Sep 07, 1 11 40 PM

Sadie looked so beautiful — perfect.

Photo Sep 07, 2 05 00 PM

Photo Sep 08, 8 45 14 PM
(he was happy….i think….)

Sadie snuck away for the ‘first look’…

Photo Sep 07, 2 26 10 PM

…so we naturally had to peek ourselves.

Photo Sep 07, 2 30 18 PM

The weather was perfect. The ceremony itself was short and sweet. The vows were wonderful. And even though there may have been a lot of ‘prep’ before the actual walk down the aisle, we all pulled it together and it was great.

Photo Sep 07, 6 38 28 PM
(making it official. no big deal.)

Photo Sep 07, 7 26 32 PM

Okay, here’s a shout out to the Ha(i)leys: I appreciate that you guys know The Harlem Shake and how it’s supposed to be done! Because the rest of the bridal party did not. But ya know what? No one cared. We harlem shaked when we were introduced, planned hysterical walks into the reception (did I say hysterical? I meant thrown together and not very funny at all), ate delicious food (it was so good!), danced till our feet hurt, and celebrated 2 of the most in-love, happiest, and sweetest couples I’m so lucky to know.

Congratulations to #thefrasers.


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