The Boulevard Beat

It doesn’t stop.

 I thought that with school starting and soccer and horse riding and violin, Maria would be busy enough and would quit being….creative.

But no.

You guys, she’s made herself editor-in-chief of The Boulevard Beat. God save me.

“Mom!  Today at school, we thought it would be really fun to do a school newspaper.  And then I thought it would be really fun to do a newspaper for our neighborhood!  I’ll be the editor-in-chief, the reporter, and the photographer.  So do you have a camera I can borrow?  Alice can totally help and maybe Jamie could do comics?  We can have something for fashion and maybe something about pets?  We can think of lots of different things to write about.  So what do you think?”

This was all in one breath the second she got in the car.  I’m pretty sure the first thing I said was, “Just quit talking just for a second.”  Then I pulled myself together and became a good mom and said, “Sure, that sounds like a good idea!”

We were pulling into the driveway when Maria starting asking me to go look for the camera.

“Just wait 2 seconds.  Let me get Olive out, get Charlotte out, change Olive, change the laundry, put away your lunch boxes and get a drink of water.  Then I’ll look for the camera.”

“Okay, mom, you’re the best!”

*sigh*  Totally the best.

So starting Monday afternoon, Maria reeled in a few reporters and has been working very hard on the first issue of the Boulevard Beat.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of their photos they took:

BB-4 BB-9 BB-79 BB-308 pugs-2

Does this already look like it’s gonna feature some quality news?

OH, you’re dying for a 1st look?  Here’s page #2:


That picture of Brandi and Michelle?  The kids literally went to their door, asked if they could interview them, then took a picture of them in their home.  Maria said, “Mom…their house is SO MUCH CLEANER than ours!”

Whatever, Brandi.

And don’t you guys worry…today I am checking books out from the library about newspapers.  They are just barely (maybe not barely) missing the mark on how to ‘report’ on something.  They’ll get ’em next time..

Oh, and if you’re interested in receiving a copy of the Boulevard Beat, I’ll email it to ya.  Because, I mean, I’m sure you want to stay up-to-date on the news.




1 thought on “The Boulevard Beat

  1. Trish

    Love it!!! 🙂 Oh my, this brought the biggest smile to my face. I think your reporters are definately some of the best in town, most certainly the cutest by far! Great job to all of the very busy kids who are working to bring the news to your neighborhood!


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