First Day Jitters

I have first day jitters. First day of school jitters.

I’m jittery because I can hardly contain my excitement that it is FINALLY TIME FOR SCHOOL!!!

Fact: I love my kids. More than anything in this universe.

Fact: They need their friends and I need them to have their friends.

This mama is worn out! “Mom, I’m bored. Mom, what are we doing after we eat breakfast? Okay, then what are we doing after that? Are my friends home? Can we go to the aquatic center? When are we going to Disneyland again? It’s not fair that I can’t watch tv anymore. Alice touched me! Charlotte looked at me!”

We were all ready for the day to come.


We loaded up in the car, just barely late. If we lived in the heights, we’d be so late. But nope, it’s just a quick trip across the bridge. Tomorrow we’ll get there on time, I swear.

They were so excited. Maria especially. I know I keep bringing it up, but this is so new and scary for her, even though she’s being very brave and pretending it’s not. She always brings up the question of, “Will I still see my other friends?” She’s nervous that everyone is going to have a great time without her at the old school and totally forget about her. Newsflash, Maria, you’re the awesomest. No one will forget about you.


And I was so happy this morning when she practically jumped out of bed, ate her breakfast, then got dressed as quickly as she could because she was so excited for school.

[peek kids dress, Sam Eidelman shoes]

Jamie was excited, too.

[printed palette shirt, boden shorts]

School is where Jamie feels safe. If he is not at home, he wants to be at school. I want that to continue through this year, too. We were so beyond blessed last year that Ms. Megan taught both Jamie and Alice. Ms. Megan understands Jamie. She not only “gets” his quirks, but appreciates them, too. And Jamie has a lot of respect for Megan. It’s really hard to read Jamie, but Megan does it and does it well.

Godspeed, Matt and Ellen…

They went inside and changed their shoes and headed up to start their new schoolyear. *sigh*




The baby girls and I went home, cleaned up, sat in the sitting room with our friends Tara and B, ate some snacks, did some learning exercises (just kidding, she played on PBSkids.Org), ate lunch, then headed back out to take Miss Alice to her first day.

She’s so cute.



[ps, her top is Zara and her jeans are Joe’s]


And I saw for myself that Maria is having a great day.

[“Mom, this day has been awesome.”]

Happy Back to School!


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