Back to School Circus

Have I told you guys yet about this 8 year old?


Yeah, Maria. The one who thinks up really wonderful ideas like front yard circuses to raise money for people who need it. Like, ya know, back to school supplies for kids who can’t go shopping for them.

This girl.

She’s the best. Really, truly, the best. She’s so much nicer than I am.


She brought up this idea maybe 2 months ago. The idea for a circus. Then maybe a month ago she got really serious about it. I didn’t actually think it would turn into anything, but look what it turned into:


We had popcorn.


Gourmet lemonade (thanks to Roger).


Adorable decor.


And the best audience in the world.

[does anyone else have serious eyewear envy? I want Molly’s glasses. So bad.]

And really, that’s all you need for a circus.

Oh, performers. You need performers. And it helps if they are the cutest performers in all the land.






It was hilarious. The lion training especially. These 2 are my favorite friends EVER. They are the most hysterical little things and SO naughty it’s the best.



Then a little magic. Alice really has a way with magic…

“I will make dis weally dull hawt tun into a bewy cowolful hawt.”

{try and translate that}

Jake told some awesome jokes. Dressed in a clown outfit??? He nailed it.


Alison and JJ danced. I love that they came up with their own little dance (without music) and performed it!


We had an amazing sword swallower (it was too dark in the trees for pictures!!), some ribbon dancing (again, too dark), some dog training….it was pretty bomb you guys.

And Charlotte and B got spoiled (what’s new?). Look who came.


Oh, Paige.

Basically, what it comes down to, is that we have the very best friends ever. The kind who go and buy school supplies for the YWCA and trek over to our house in questionable weather to watch kids play around in the front yard.

That is friendship.


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