This Place.

This place.


Children’s House Montessori School.

It’s time for the move from All Saints to Children’s House to be official.

I’m so excited. I’m ready for the change and so is she.


This is where she will become a scientist.



A mathematician.



An actor.


These little hands will become an artist and an author.



An explorer.



These beautiful eyes


will see for themselves what it’s like to learn kindness, cooperation, independence, responsibility, respect and love by doing it in the classroom. By helping her classmates, cleaning up her environment, watching her teachers, and trying things on her own.

This is where she will thrive.



2 thoughts on “This Place.

  1. liz

    this is SO beautiful and well done. I love it. and I have the same hopes for my girls. I had thought I could accomplish all those things at home, but this school is a much better alternative for them. I’m so grateful for CHMS!

  2. Heather Harty

    Ruthie I was wondering if you knew of any Montessori schools in the spokane/CDA area that are any good? I know we have “Montessori” schools here but from what I’ve heard so many of them are more like preschool/daycare’s w a slight Montessori influence. I would give anything to send my babes to a school like this one and was hoping you or one of your montessori teacher friends might know of some exceptional ones in this area?!?! Thank you so much!!!!


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