The Story of Charlotte Going Under and Some Very Solid Parenting Advice

Not under water.  No, I’m talking…”going under.”

That sounds so dramatic.

 But the truth is, it’s scary. I have friends who know this from experience. Whether your baby is “put under” for dental work, heart surgery, or to pull a foreign object from her esophagus, that moment that they take them back without you is scary.

But this girl made it through ok.


Oh, this girl.


Last night while Maria and I were at horse riding lessons (do we sound super sophisticated? If the answer is yes, please keep believing that. Thank you.) Charlotte put a nickel in her mouth and proceeded to swallow it. Kind of. After gagging and choking, Dan thought she was fine. I mean, yeah, she may have gagged a few more times and thrown up and said “ouch, ouch” but she was totally still breathing. Don’t you guys worry, I forced him to take her in. Because this mom’s brain works like so:

“It might be lodged somewhere. It could be blocking something. She could fall asleep and then die in her sleep.”

That’s how my brain works. I’m not always the easy-going type.  I know you guys are so surprised…..So I always err on the side of caution when it comes to stuff like this.

I got a text about an hour later saying that they could see the nickel on the x-ray right in her throat.

Are you guys clapping for me yet? Me and my mama instincts? Thanks. Thank you very much.

They called an ENT to come in, my dad and mom came to stay with the 4 other kittens and I went to be with Miss Charlotte and Danny.

I got there and she was asleep and they were getting ready to put her IV in. The second they poked her she woke up, her eyes got huge and she just looked around. No crying. Just confusion. And then she was fine. The IV went in perfectly.


She was pretty happy (in between gaggy/throw up fits) until it was time for them to take her back.



She cried. She screamed and said, “Mommy!! Mommy!!’ and that is the saddest thing in the entire world. The truth is that I knew there was a 99.999% chance that everything would be fine and nothing bad would happen and we’d see her in 30 minutes. But it’s also truth that there was that .001% chance that it wouldn’t be fine. And it’s that tiny chance that is scary.

But she was fine.

And we’re $.05 richer.


Now would you like some parenting advice? Because I know you guys are dying to get parenting advice from parents who have been to the ER more times than we can count…

Here you go:

I would suggest that every 4 hours or so…maybe even 6 if you’re comfortable with it…give your child something healthy. A tiny piece of carrot. A bite of an apple. Even cheese. But whatever you do, don’t let yourself have to say this to approximately 7 different people:

“The last thing she ate? Doritos. Doritos was the last thing she ate. Bright. Orange. Doritos. Dinner? Nope. She didn’t eat dinner. Just Doritos.”

Seriously, you guys.

And then this guy…


…thought it’d be hilarious to also tell them she washed it down with Mountain Dew.

You guys. She did NOT wash it down with Mountain Dew. But now Dr. Morgenstern is probably telling his patients that last night he had to pull money out of a small child’s throat. And that he just felt awful for the poor little thing because she came in filthy, smelling like puke, with marker up and down her legs, and her last meal was Doritos and Mountain Dew.


But today she’s fine. She woke up and after saying, “Breakfast?” she said, “I’m ready to go. I wanna see Dawn. And B.” She loves her Dawn. So I took her. So now she is at Dawn’s house where Dawn is probably cooking them lunch and playing with them and reading them books and will probably even rock them to sleep. Dawn is a saint.

The rest of us are home. Maria is wearing this shirt today:


It makes me want to go on vacation so bad. But until vacation time (which is not in the plans for the near future) I’ll be content with stuff like Starbucks and Instagram.


And 4 year olds and bunny kisses.


8 year olds and bunny tricks and sweet smiles.



6 year olds who beg not to be photographed but play contently with Tooth Fairy gifts (Ninjago lego sets).

8 month olds who could not be any sweeter.



Friends next door who are hilarious and fun.

Friends getting married and fun party prep.

Pregnant friends who get cuter by the day.

Friends who appreciate hilarious cards and bomb tattoos.

And 2 year olds who swallow coins and remind me that being a mama is hard. But is so worth it.


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