The Cabin

Danny spent his childhood summers visiting the cabin in Sandpoint. He tells me stories all the time about when he and Lonnie did this, broke that, set this on fire, discovered x, y, or z…and every one of his stories are full of laughter and happiness and he’s always smiling. One of his favorite places is the lake in Sandpoint and I wish so much we were able to make it up there more often. Unfortunately, with 5 kids, work, and my own schedule of things, it’s hard to go up every weekend, every other weekend or even every month.

Photo Aug 09, 8 52 59 AM

But this weekend….we did it. Gary and Cheri, with their friends Ed and Sandy, built the most gorgeous home on the lake, about 4 houses down from the cabin that Danny grew up visiting. We don’t plan far enough in advance to reserve the family cabin but are so lucky that we are always welcome and able to stay with Gary and Cheri when we want to come up. It is absolutely beautiful.

Photo Aug 09, 12 07 31 PM

My pet glitter gecko and I spent lots of time on the deck.

Photo Aug 09, 11 24 04 AM
{those lovely stripes on my legs are courtesy of the kittens…}

There is so much to do up there, it’s so great.

Photo Aug 09, 4 58 10 PM

Photo Aug 09, 4 59 15 PM
(maria and her cousin Ava)

Photo Aug 09, 5 04 21 PM
(Sam, Ava, Maria and Jamie. They are so cool.)

Photo Aug 09, 5 16 46 PM

Oh this? No big thing.

Photo Aug 09, 5 17 55 PM

We went for boatrides.

Photo Aug 09, 8 05 46 PM


Photo Aug 10, 2 20 18 PM
(Yep, Bellamy and her daddy joined us! Her mama was busy growing a couple babies)

Photo Aug 10, 2 28 19 PM

We played. A lot.

Photo Aug 10, 2 19 42 PM

Photo Aug 10, 9 06 36 AM

Photo Aug 09, 5 18 50 PM
{whoops…played too hard.}

Photo Aug 09, 11 06 49 AM
(aunt Caitlin was in town, too!)

Photo Aug 10, 8 18 14 PM

Photo Aug 10, 7 36 45 PM

Photo Aug 10, 4 53 35 PM

Photo Aug 10, 7 39 20 PM
{it was totally awesome time}


Photo Aug 11, 2 23 06 PM

The adults had some adult time.


The Danny:

-margarita mix (with alcohol)
-pineapple vodka
-cranberry juice

I think. I don’t remember. I mean…clearly, I don’t remember. It was that delicious.

Don’t worry, the children were in bed asleep.

Photo Aug 10, 10 30 15 PM
(or on the floor…)

The cabin, as per usual, was amazing. The weather was perfect. The kids played and played. We ate yummy food and hung out with great people.

And on the way back home, we stopped at ANOTHER lake house!

Photo Aug 11, 2 22 57 PM

Gwen is our friend who lives most of the time in Quito, Ecuador, but we are lucky because she comes to the United States in the Summers and brings her beautiful children.

Photo Aug 11, 2 26 34 PM

We had never had the chance to see them at the lake, but I was determined to do it this year. Thank God. It’s so great up there and if we hadn’t stopped on our way home, we might have missed them completely this trip!

Ana is 12 (i think) and is, hands down, the sweetest 12 year old I’ve ever met. She was so genuinely pleased to see us and was so sweet to the kids. She told them stories about them from last summer and the summer before. She fixed Alice’s hair. She swam with Maria. She packed Olive around. She took care of Charlotte.

I want Ana to come and live with us.

And Jack is Alice’s age and is hilarious! He was pretty shy with us, but every once in a while, I’d catch him saying something that made me gut roll. LOVE these kids.

Photo Aug 13, 10 47 54 AM
(Jamie rode back with Danny)

And Sunday we were home. *sigh* it’s hard to come home after a super fun getaway. But it helps to have Starbucks.

Photo Aug 12, 9 57 45 AM

Fresh eggs.

Photo Aug 13, 10 16 51 AM

And a pretty heavy dose of fashion.

Photo Aug 12, 1 54 43 PM

Happy Tuesday!

PS: when you’re going on vacation and you’ve charged your nice camera and are all ready and set to take some really fun and GOOD pictures…make sure you turn your camera OFF before packing it. Because if you don’t, you’ll be stuck with a dead camera and you’ll have to take 10,000 cell phone pictures, and then your blog post will be super lame and you will probably lose followers because they’ll think it’s just gone to shit. I promise it hasn’t. I promise I’m getting my life back together and will be posting bomb pictures and awesome posts soon.


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