Meet Susie.


Susie (named after the girl in Calvin and Hobbes, naturally) is an Australian Shepherd.  We got her from a family in Clarkston and she’s Jamie’s new pup.

Why’d we get Jamie a new puppy?  Especially after we just sent Zeek to live on a farm with our friend?

(1) Zeek is 10x happier at the Oregon farm with 2 doberman friends than he ever would be here with us.  It’s the truth.  He wanted to run and run and run and run — like…nonstop.  We couldn’t give him that.  He literally runs all day long with his new dobie friends.  I promise you guys that we did something GREAT for him.  Can you tell I feel a little bad about the sitch?  But I just have to remind myself that he’d be so sad if he came back here to live with us.

(2) Jamie needs a pal.  He’s the only boy in this sea of girls and more often than not, he is by himself.  In his room playing legos…on the couch reading…outside exploring…he needs someone to tag along with him.

(3) It will be SO GOOD for Jamie to train this puppy.  To teach her tricks.  To feed and water her every day.  To take her for walks and play with her.  He needs something real to teach him responsibility.  Not just cleaning his room and picking up toys.  He’ll be able to really see how and why his responsibility is a good thing – because it’ll be barking at him.

So Susie came to live with us yesterday afternoon and she is so great.  She potties outside every time we put her in the grass.  She only whines for a little bit in her crate at night.  She follows us around and is having a blast.

Oh, and today is a good day:


I found DEEDEE!!!!


I don’t know if God was teaching me a lesson or what…last night and the night before were HELL without DeeDee.  She cried and cried for “Purple Deedee!!” (I know, it’s totally not purple.  But she calls pink…purple.).  I tried to trick her and when it was dark, I handed her the other blanket that feels like Deedee.  She’s not stupid.  “NO!  Not dat one!  Mine purple Deedee!!”

But God decided to love me again.  Deedee is back.


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