….even when you think you have your shit together and you’re pretty pleased with your parenting skills, and you are 67% sure you might be nominated for the coveted Mom of the Year award and your only real competition is Tara (who will probably win because she’s growing twins)….

…you lose your 4 year old.

And then you remember that being a mom is hard.

It’s hard and it’s scary and sometimes you have to ask the local authorities for help in locating your 4 year old daughter who is wearing a pink and lavender polka-dotted dress, has long wavy hair, 2 missing front teeth and answers to “Alice.”

But then you find her.

And that “feels like 10 hours” 45 minutes of your life reminds you how lucky you are.

You remember that you have friends who are just plain rad. You have friends who are moms and dads who know exactly what that scary feeling feels like and they rally to make sure as many people as possible are looking for your baby. They are the type of people who give you the gift of booze and let you know that this stuff happens…and it’s time for a drink.


I love the boulevard.

And then you have friends who later text you and tell you that they’re glad Alice is okay and they heard what happened and that they can’t imagine it. And friends like that are the kind you are thankful for.

And being a mom is freaking hard. It’s exhausting and you sometimes forget how hard it is because, if you’re lucky, you’ll have an easy long streak. Weeks of stuff like this:

sadie shower-77
(sweetness. it’s oozing out of her.)

sadie shower-82

sadie shower-112

sadie shower-100
(quiet and thoughtful)

sadie shower-93
(mellow and chill…but this is kind of a trick one because she’s always like this. ALWAYS.)

And then Alice goes to her friend’s house 3 houses down without telling you while you’re watering the flowers out back. Jamie will tell you he went and checked to see if she was there, but it was all a big lie because he didn’t. Charlotte will poop in the hallway. And the living room. And her carseat. All in one day. She’ll smear your liquid bronzer all over your bathroom mirror and then tell you it looks pretty. Maria will remember she has a bit of a bossy side and let it out on her siblings and cause lots of arguing. Olive will need 17 snacks in 17 hours.

And you’re smart so you say, “Oh. Duh. This is being a Mom.”  And also, since you’re smart, you know that these hard days are only maybe 10% of all of your days.  And odds like that are not too shabby.

If taking a few bad days here and there means that I get to spend lots and lots of really wonderfully fantastic days with the 5 kittens….I’ll take it.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes….

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    WOW! I’m glad you found your baby girl, and that she’s okay. You are so amazing! love you.


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