That is the clever and unique hashtag that has been used for the past few months when we post pictures of Sadie’s wedding festivities.

A couple things:

(1) getting married is kind of a big deal. Ya know, it’s the type of thing you celebrate. You choose things thoughtfully and there are little celebrations along the way. The bridal shower is one of them.

(2) Sadie might be one of the nicest girls with the most thoughtful heart I’ve met. She is genuinely sweet and I think that if I told her I found a purple tulle mini skirt with a racerback tank to wear as a bridesmaid, she’d smile and say, “Oh, Ruthie, that sounds great!” (Don’t worry, I did not do this.)

sadie shower-24

So back to #1….we had a bridal shower for Sadie this weekend. It was held in the furnace room in the hottest corner of hell, because I felt like July 20th at 5:00pm OUTSIDE would be the perfect time to have it. WTH was I thinking? Well, clearly I wasn’t. And thank God my parents have an amazing backyard because if it was messy and gross and ugly, the heat might just have thrown people over the edge. But it was beautiful. Every part of their yard is perfect, so with a few fans going, a mister, and the chance to escape inside if needed, it was okay.

On the invite, we wrote a note saying that if you brought a bottle of wine to help kick off their wine collection as a married couple, you’d be entered to win a gift card ($25 to Sephora!).

sadie shower-1

People are awesome. I mean, in general, people suck. But THESE people at the shower were awesome.

Cenone and Hailey made lavender lemonade with a vodka option (alcohol is delicious…).

sadie shower-3

sadie shower-4

The gift table was overflowing with fun packages.

sadie shower-6

The food was pretty good, too. I ordered food from Happy Day and it was yummy.

sadie shower-10

sadie shower-14

So many people came to support Sadie and Justin…

sadie shower-18
[her sister Lacy and her niece Landrie]

sadie shower-21
[the inlaws 😉 ]

sadie shower-34

And finally, the bridesmaids with the bride. (Oops, I didn’t get the “look cute and get skinny” memo….i hate it when that happens.)

sadie shower-42

We are T minus less than 2 months before it’s wedding time. Hooray!


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