Oh, hi.

Hi.  Hello.  My name is Ruthie.  You may have forgotten what I sound like (I know you can’t hear me, but when you read my blog, I bet you read it in a certain voice or pitch or rhythm.).  Don’t worry if you’ve forgotten, I’ll remind you.

I sound awesome.

There, now you’ve remembered.  I’m back. But I’m afraid not with any really good pictures.  Only iPhone.  But tomorrow I’m breaking out the nice camera and I’m going to do a little documentation on life in the Prasil house.

For now, here’s what we’ve been up to:

If you’re local and need something to do on Thursdays at 10:30, go to Pioneer Park and check out storytime. It’s so great!

Maria had a book club meeting on Thursday. She made the most hilarious invites that say:

“You’re invited to a book exchange club! Meetings will be sleepovers and will be fun! fun! fun!”


Naturally, it was a big hit with the 8 year olds. They came and swam and ate and ran crazy and exchanged books. They had a pillow fight. They played dress up. Maria is awesome.

I ate little bites of heaven.


I mean magic bars. Our friend Ali is selling them to fund her swim camp. She sold us 2 dozen cookies every 2 weeks throughout the summer and I am trying hard to think of a better or more satisfying purchase. Nope, can’t think of one.

We went to the Wenatchee Youth Circus put on by the Parks and Rec department.


It was me, Maria, Alice, Charlotte and B.  And we ran into Kris and the girls.  The kids LOVED it.


I ordered some Tattly tattoos at FIFTY PERCENT OFF!!!!

[hey, christian and tara….you’re welcome.]

I’ve been prepping for our 2nd Funky Finds show (which will be awesome, so come!!) — and if you want to be a vendor, email me.

Okay you guys, I swear to you.  Tomorrow.  Real pictures.  Awesome pictures.  Real, awesome pictures.


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