Have I shared yet about Umbabox? Maybe?


Umba is a company whose owners scour all the lands (does this sound magical yet?) for incredibly talented artists. They find those artists, develop a relationship with them, then share them with us. Umbabox is the monthly delivery service they set up for anyone wanting to receive a surprise box filled with amazing handmade goods. I obviously had to try it out (do you know me?). LOVED it. In the 3 months I received it, I got: hand-drawn postcards, canvas luggage tags, leather gold-polka-dotted clutch, apron, a gorgeous necklace, a shampoo bar…and more.




So when Umba sent out a request for people to apply to be umbassadors, I totally jumped on it. (you guys, I had to have a phone interview! I was sweating.) This is what I get to do: I get to have, on hand, a sample of some of these products. Stuff like ceramic honey pots. Ceramic citrus juicers. Amazing jewelry. Postcards and notecards. Leather, canvas, paper, glass, fabric….lots of different materials. Awesome weekender bags (I have a thing for weekender bags, big deal). But then I’ll also have a catalog full of products you can shop from. It’s almost like they found the BEST Etsy artists and are showcasing them. Everything is done small-scale. Nothing is mass produced for stores like Wal-Mart, K-mart, Macy’s, etc.

This isn’t like Pampered Chef, I swear to you. It’s not like Thirty-One or Silpada or Mary Kay. I’m not going to be giving you some big spiel about how “you, too, can become an umbassador, so please give me your phone number so you can host parties!!” Nope, it’s not like that. I promise. Here, I’ll lay it out for you. If you wanted to host an Umba party, you’d call me. Or email me. I’d come over and set up all of my samples out on a table at your house. That’s it. I’m not going to give a huge presentation. I’m not going to have all your friends fill out forms and then call them to try and get them to host parties. Basically, you’ll have wine (or soda, or water, or ice cream or pizza) and hang out with your friends and if you guys see anything you love, you can buy it!

But if you happen to be a little bit like me (read: you pride yourself in finding awesome products that you can’t really find anywhere else), I think you’ll love Umba. And you’ll totally want to host a get together with your friends to check out what they have.

go to so you can get a feel for the company. I’m pretty sure you’ll want in on it!

(and if you’re local, and want to get something together, email me!  Perk:  the hostess gets a percentage of the sales in the form of product credit!


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