Settling In

This week has been nothing but rain so far.

[yep, it’s our pool. covered. but even if it wasn’t covered and it was 100 degrees out, we still wouldn’t be able to swim. there’s a LEAK!! ugh.]

So we’ve had a lot or practice settling into the house.

Things are finally being put where they belong.



And that includes Barbies and toys on the floor…



Yep, we are finally settling in. I’ve rearranged the kids’ play rooms (closets) more times than I can count. I’ve gone through books and clothes and toys and found things that none of us will miss (so I’ve tossed them). We’ve grocery shopped and put things in the pantry. Our fridge finally has food in it and our closets are organized. My bathroom drawers are as messy as they were in the old house with makeup brushes all over the place.

And, as you can see, I’ve finally unpacked my camera.


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