Getting Settled.

There is a reason I haven’t blogged for over a week, not just that I have forgotten (I totally haven’t). I suppose if I was super committed, I could have posted from my iPhone, but that’s such a pain. On Friday we moved to our new home and we’ve been busy getting settled in.

Ya know, swimming and stuff.




Before we moved, we had some rooms painted and we’re so pleased. It’s starting to feel like ours.

My friend Sadie also graduated, so my blonde friends and I went to the ceremony.


[I’m barely in there]

We celebrated Father’s Day.



Maria has been going to horseback riding lessons.


And overall, the kids have been such good sports about eating take-away every night (we didn’t have a fridge for a while, and last week we stayed with my parents…who made us dinner!), getting loaded up into the car to take load after load to the new house, and helping to unpack. Dan and I lucked out with this bunch.


Aside from Lulu harassing some quails, our neighbor not being happy about it and last minute cleaning of our old house, the move has gone pretty smoothly.

Tomorrow Jamie has surgery to remove his adenoids. I know the surgery itself is not a huge deal and kids get it done all the time, but any time your child “goes under” it’s a big deal. So think about him tomorrow. And also cross your fingers for me that the cafeteria is serving Taco Time for lunch, because that’s really what I want to eat.

So yep…I’m back.


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