A Tragedy (oh, and a vacation in Monterey)

Let’s start with the tragedy.

You guys, something horrible happened.

Something so awful that you’ll feel like you’re watching an episode of Law and Order when I tell you what it is.


My. Phone. Was. Stolen.

I’m not kidding. Here’s what happened:

Here’s the scene…I was holding Olive, carrying my big weekender bag and lugging her infant carseat. I also had a big H&M shopping bag way too full of books and a few pieces of clothing. Maybe a blanket and diapers, too. Maria was beside me rolling our large carry-on and carrying her Starbucks oatmeal. We get to the security belt and load everything on, take off our shoes, and I walk through the security arch. I beep. Oh, right, I forgot I had my cell phone with me. I give it to the TSA person and walk through. Everything’s great, it takes me 10 minutes to load everything up, get Olive secure, put our shoes back on, the works. I walk away, we make it to our gate, we get on the plane, get to our seats and eat/drink our Starbucks. “Oh, crap,” I say to myself. I flag a flight attendant and tell her that I left my phone at the security checkpoint and is there any way she could phone them and just let them know. I wasn’t expecting anyone to rush it to me, but I wanted to make sure it was there so I could have it mailed or something. I really wasn’t too worried. But THEN she said it wasn’t there. I kinda panic a little bit because my email, photos, etc is on my phone, passwords and all. I go and ask if there’s any way I could run really quickly to the checkpoint (It was literally 90 seconds away) and the PILOT said, “Yep, we have 10 minutes left, no problem.” So I start booking it. I get out of the little tunnel thing and into the airport and the lady at the desk starts SCREAMING AT ME! “You can’t just run off the plane! We have to close the doors!.” Seriously, this situation was ridic. I say, “The pilot told me I could go really quickly and get my phone.” She said, “Fine, we are closing the doors.” I said, “Well I certainly hope you aren’t because my 8 year old is in there.” She turns to her co worker and says, “Michael! This lady just comes running out and says they told her she could!.” Michael the A-Hole says, “Okay, close the doors, we’ll give her seat to someone else.” Bitchy McGee says, “Her daughter’s in there.” So I’m like, “Good Lord, I’ll go back in, I’m just out here because they told me I could!.” “Well they don’t have that authority, we HAVE to close the doors at a certain time!.”

Here’s a Ruthie tid-bit. When I get really frustrated or mad, I cry. It’s the worst super power EVER. So, naturally, I start crying.

I walk into the plane and the flight attendant just feels HORRIBLE. But don’t worry, Bitchy McGee starts yelling at them for letting me off. Dear God, it was ridiculous. So long story short, someone (either a flight attendant or the pilot) calls TSA and tells them that one of their agents stole my phone. That starts an immediate investigation on their part (I guess if they are accused of stealing something, they don’t mess around). I call them yesterday and she says that they have reviewed video and confirmed that one of their employees did NOT steal my phone. I told her I never thought they did, just that I left it there. She said that they have video of someone taking it. Someone that isn’t me.

Longer story even shorter (wait, I’m making this longer), I went to Sprint and got a new phone. I also filed a theft report with SFPD.

Okay, now that the tragic story is out and you’ve gotten your good cry in for the day, let’s move on to our vacation.

On Friday, Maria, Olive and I flew to Monterey to see Patrick graduate from the Monterey Institute with a double masters in Awesome and Badass. Just kidding, he just got one and it was in nonproliferation terrorism and arabic middle eastern studies. Or something. I don’t know, you guys. But he got a masters degree.

Pebble Beach-4
[Maria was awfully happy to see him]

The graduation itself was really nice I thought. And exciting.

Pebble Beach-13

Someone passed out and the fire truck and ambulance came to the rescue.

But anyway, MIIS is a school that, from what I took away, is all about bettering the world. I like that. The president said, “Do well by doing good,” and I think that’s a motto we should all live by. Step One: Don’t steal iPhones.

My dad, Maria, Olive, myself and Josh and Liisa were all there to see him get his degree.

Pebble Beach-15

Pebble Beach-17

Pebble Beach-18
[i stopped at target beforehand and picked up some wedge sandals for $19.99. hell of a deal.]

Pebble Beach-21
[the best gifts come from anthro]

Pebble Beach-25

Then the procession began with a bagpiper. I love bagpipes.

Pebble Beach-29

Pebble Beach-31

Pebble Beach-34

Pebble Beach-35
[i’m sorry, but those are stupid high]

Finally, we saw Pat.

Pebble Beach-39

Pebble Beach-42

The speakers were really good I thought. One was a past president. She spoke about what MIIS is and what she hopes for all the graduates. She told them that generosity will get them far and I could tell she genuinely felt what she spoke. The student speaker was from Iraq and told a little bit about his country and how he got to MIIS. It was interesting.

Pebble Beach-45

Olive was a champ.

Pebble Beach-48

He finally received his degree and it was over.

Pebble Beach-55

{before you look at this picture, please note that I forgot a hair straightener. I also forgot product. My hair is a fright, but overlook that.}

Pebble Beach-56

When it comes to brothers, I lucked out. I will never hug them or tell them I love them (because, seriously, do you know me?), but I will say that they are pretty great. We laugh a LOT when we are together and don’t fight. We tell each other exactly how it is and make fun of each other constantly. All in good fun. It was a lot of fun to hang out with them this weekend.

Pebble Beach-58

Pebble Beach-67

We hung out with Pat’s special friend (oh, I’m hilarious), Lily, too.

Pebble Beach-64

I mean, she’s okay.

Just kidding, we adore her.

The reception was pretty fun. yummy food.

Pebble Beach-89

Olive got some uncle time.

Pebble Beach-91

Pebble Beach-95

After that, we made our way to ….

PEBBLE BEACH, WHAAAATTTTT?! Yep, we stayed at Pebble Beach.

Pebble Beach-124
[she was happy]

Pebble Beach-177

I don’t mean to brag (but I totally do) it was amazing.

Pebble Beach-176

While the boys golfed, the girls and I went to MYmuseum where Lily works. I mean, she basically owns the place. Pretty much.

Pebble Beach-167

Pebble Beach-154

Pebble Beach-148

Maria is the BEST girl to take anywhere.

She is excited about everything and follows directions and is so well-behaved. Lucky.

Pebble Beach-141

Pebble Beach-174

And Olive. Oh, baby Olive. BEST FREAKING BABY EVER!!!! She smiles NON stop and is so happy. She’s a dream.

Pebble Beach-132

We got back to the hotel and swam at the beach club (so swanky) and then got dressed so we could go see the boys on the 18th Hole. Get ready for these ridiculously beautiful views.

Pebble Beach-180

Pebble Beach-188

Can you see that? It’s the ocean.

Pebble Beach-190

“oh, here, let me just putt this ball into the hole as I listen to the crashing of waves behind me. No big deal.”

Pebble Beach-193

Pebble Beach-195

Pebble Beach-196

And this entire, incredible trip was because of my dad.

Pebble Beach-204

It’s not father’s day, but let me tell you how awesome he is. He (and my mom) got us tickets to fly down. He picked us up from the airport and paid for all our meals. He helped with the kids and took Olive when she was fussy. He was horribly tired and exhausted, but didn’t act like it. He made the trip fun and exciting and it was the best! Thanks, Pop!!

And now, excuse me while I pack up our belongings. We move in 2 weeks. Eek!


3 thoughts on “A Tragedy (oh, and a vacation in Monterey)

  1. Liz

    I totally cry when I’m angry or frustrated too… it is the worst thing ever! I can’t even talk anymore to try to explain anything. What a crummy way to start a trip, glad it turned out better than it started!

  2. Cenone

    The lace scalloped shorts Maria is wearing… I literally just bought the same pair in navy in my size.


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