This Week’s Recap (so far), iphone style.

We started the week at the pool.  With weather like we’ve been having, that’s standard.


Charlotte is 1/2 mermaid, I’m convinced. I wonder when mermaids start getting their scales? She loves the pool. Thank goodness the puddle jumper floaty fits her this year and she’s able to swim and float to her heart’s content. And jump. She’s a jumper.

And thank goodness for daddies who don’t mind getting in to swim.


Do you know what else is adorable? When B and Charlotte dress alike.


B’s daddy got them these matching t-shirts and I’m pretty sure that after this post, we are going to get a call from Harley Davidson saying the girls are needed in LA or Florida or Hawaii (obviously someplace fun and tropical) stat for a HD photo shoot. They are that cute. (And, I mean, of course someone at the HD headquarters reads my family blog, right?!)

Let’s see…what else happened this week?

The tiny kitten started rolling.


She just turned 4 months and apparently decided she’s gonna try out some new tricks.

We also got to see one of our favorite babies, Aubrey.


Ah, I just love her. She has the most beautiful eyes which is absolutely no surprise if you’ve seen her mom, Leann. She’s 2 months older than Olive.


Her older brother, Brennan, is hysterical. He’s WILD. But so sweet and funny. I’d like to kidnap them for a day or 2.

Yesterday I ran to Home Depot to get some paint samples.


Too many options for me. I’d like for Tara to tell me what color to paint in what room and I will do it. She’s painted a room or 2. Let’s not forget the blood red room we painted a few months ago. Oops.

Alice did a little tutu scooting…


…and Charlotte dressed herself from the ankles down.


Tomorrow Maria, Olive and I leave for Monterey to see Patrick finally graduate from school. He’s a grown up now.

Happy Thursday!

(if you’re wondering where the pictures of Maria and Jamie are…they are on my phone.  I do take pictures of them, I swear.)


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