Breaking News

….nope, I’m not pregnant, but that woulda been a good one, huh?


Yes, it’s true. We sold our house. Oh, what’s that? You thought we had taken it off the market because it sat there for a FULL YEAR without so much as a bite? We did. It was off the market and we weren’t even thinking or getting our hopes that it would sell. But then we got a call from our realtor who had a client looking for a home like ours, in his price range, lots of space, in Washington, and were we still wanting to sell?

Big. Capital. YES.

She showed it to him along with a few other houses and ours was in the running with a couple others, so I didn’t get my hopes up at all. The next day, though, we got an offer. We countered, they accepted, and our inspection was yesterday. Inspections are scary. Even if it’s a newer home like ours, I still was worried that he’d go into the crawl space and see that a family of crocodiles had chewed through the wall and the damage was irreparable. Thank god the crocodiles hadn’t found our crawl space yet because the inspection went really well. We still haven’t gotten the official report of things, but last night he told us our home is in really great shape.

So now we are moving.

What do you think you’ll see in the pictures below? Do you think you’ll see a rural farm? A red barn with pasture? Chicken coop?


Yep that’s our new house. It’s an older house in a neighborhood. There are zero barns and no chickens. We can’t have goats and sheep won’t be sheared in this front yard. But do you know what we will have?


An amazing river view. A pool. A house with SO. MUCH. CHARACTER.

And this.


You have no idea what you’re looking at so let me tell you. That’s B’s house. B is Charlotte’s very best friend and having her next door is going to be the best ever!!!! And Olive is going to have 2 new friends this fall (yeah, Tara’s totally growing twins). We could not be more thrilled.

And what does the inside look like? I’ll give you a little preview:

[do you know how many chalkboard notes I’m going to write to Dan?! So many. So, so many.]

[i’m pretty stoked on the built-ins]

[storage for days]

[big kitchen. and it looks like it comes with a tiny, adorable baby. we’ll take it.]

We close on the 14th of June and I feel like I might burst from excitement!


4 thoughts on “Breaking News

  1. Blake

    I have a crap ton of memories in that house. Mainly because B’s house was this B’s house from 1987-2006. I could roller skate down your future driveway and into mine at lightning speed. During that stretch, there were more elderly people than kids in the hood. Glad to see a new cycle of youngins taking over.


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