Four years ago (tonight) I went into St. Joe’s hospital looking like this:


And left a few days later with this:


Today, Miss Alice is four and I am feeling so blessed to have this hilarious girl in my life.




She is sassy. So, so sassy. Last night, she stepped on Jamie and it really hurt. I said, “Alice, what do you need to say?!” and she looked at me, looked at Jamie then said, “He shouldn’t have had his arm right there….” and went about her business. So sassy. But she is SO. Much. Fun. 90% of her days are full of laughing and running and screaming happily. She hugs like crazy and thinks everything is great and exciting and fun. The other 10% of her days are full of sass, but that’s only 10% and that I can handle.

She adores her brother and her sisters and wants to play with them every chance she gets. She has the most beautiful green/brown eyes and long hair “like a princess.” She can strike a pose better than Gisele and eats like there is no tomorrow. She rides her bike like a champ and draws rainbows and tiny people a la Monet. Her favorite people (besides us) are Wyatt, Noah, Ali and Grant and she wants to invite every person under the sun to her birthday.

She has trouble with lots of words and it’s super cute. She is tougher than any 4 year old I’ve ever met, including Maria and Jamie. She falls and gets right back up. A couple teeth being pulled doesn’t phase her. She’s quite the ballerina and can build the pink tower like you wouldn’t believe.

Alice is beautiful. She is hilarious, sweet, patient, kind, generous, and ridiculously fun. She is sassy and naughty and sneaky.

And if she didn’t have every single one of those things in her, she wouldn’t be Alice.

And we LOVE Alice.


1 thought on “Four.

  1. Georgia

    I remember coming to the hospital and seeing Alice shortly after her birth…she was such a beautiful baby and she is a doll now….love her sassiness!!! You need one of those…GA


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