Singing Alice Around the Sun

I love lots of things. I love Disneyland and white mochas. I love HBO Girls and french toast. I love Dave Matthews and Mumford and Sons and Yoga with my friends.  And I LOVE Children’s House Montessori birthday celebrations. It doesn’t matter if it is my child or someone else’s, the birthday celebrations would bring a tear to my eye if I was the crying type.

Today, the friends at CHMS sang Alice around the sun and it was perfect.

[watching her try not to smile was hilarious]

She chose Kaitlyn to help her set up the sun and the months on the birthday mat.



Then we started with the day she was born and I told her friends all about her first year. What she liked to eat, where she visited, her friends, that kind of thing. Then she hopped up, grabbed the little globe, and her friends sang her around the sun:

“The Earth goes around the Sun. Tra-la-la. The Earth goes around the Sun.”

THen she’d sit and I’d show pictures and share about her 2nd year. Etc, etc.


Papa came to watch.


And when she hit her 4th year, she blew out her candles after a very heartfelt Happy Birthday song.


Why do I love this tiny community of friends at CHMS? Because birthday celebrations are a big deal. It’s not just a “sing happy birthday and pass out cupcakes.” It’s a celebration. The kids all learn about each other more than in any other classroom I’ve ever observed. They are interested. And that’s not the norm. They are excited for their friends to share their birthday celebrations and it’s not just because of the treat at the end. Each child has a chance to be completely celebrated and it takes longer than 10 minutes. It’s part of the day, part of that day’s entire plan, not just something that is stuck in at the very end before it’s time to go home.

After Alice was sung around the sun (4 times…ridiculous), she got to host group snack.


Spot on Yogurt with toppings.


[she got some too of course]

Then they all walked over to LCSC and played on the field.




So much fashion going on here.


And then mom of the year arranged for a miniature pony to visit the class.


Oh, you thought mom of the year was me? No. I went and bought my girls’ birthday gifts YESTERDAY at Walmart at 8:45 pm. I’m not kidding. No, mom of the year was Miss Stephanie!!! She’s awesome. And so stupidly adorable. Look at her.

She brought Rocky, Emily’s mini horse.



And 5 minutes after we buy a farm, we are buying a mini horse. I can’t handle this cuteness, I have to have one!!!


It’s a good thing Alice packed her binoculars….


Hip Hip Hooray for Alice’s birthday celebration. Hip Hip Hooray for the beautiful friends at CHMS. Hip Hip Hooray for Rocky and Stephanie and Emily.





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