Don’t Blink

You’ll miss everything. Really, time goes by so freaking fast it is unbelievable.

Example: this baby.


Is now this beautiful 2 year old:


And it happened so fast.

I remember this.




My biggest baby. 8lbs 9oz. She was born around 5:30am after 14 hours of labor. But she was worth it. Oh, she was so beautiful. Look at her perfect lips and nose and ears. Really….perfect. She ate like a champ and then around 4 months gave me a little trouble and lost weight…but she figured it out. And now she’s a healthy 2 year old.

She’s hilarious.


Her favorite people are B, Dawn, Miss Ellen and all of us (jamie, alice, maria, olive, mama and daddy). She loves popcorn and popsicles and yogurt and cheese and milk and chicken nuggets. She’ll eat spaghetti and pizza and chicken and steak and bread and peas and corn and raspberries and strawberries.

Oh, and pancakes. She loves pancakes.


She’s totally cool and she knows it.


Her hair is a disaster and she’s CONSTANTLY filthy. But she plays hard and she’s fun and she laughs and laughs.

And she’s also super sassy.

And now…..she’s 2.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Charlotte.


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