First Communion

I think First Communion is the most exciting sacrament in the church.


I bet that’s sacrilige to say, but I didn’t say most important, I said most exciting.  Because to an 8 year old  everything is wonderful.  There is no drama in it, no stress.  (have you ever had to choose godparents for your child?  It’s stressful.  And dealing with a bride and a wedding might be one of the most high-stress/high-drama events ever.)  But First Communion is just special.  For those who aren’t Catholic, it’s the first time one gets to receive the Eucharist at Mass.  And this sweet thing could not have been more excited.


Mrs. Edmundson has been preparing them for this all year and she has done a wonderful job of making sure they know how special it is. Maria definitely got that memo.



And along with the religious stuff (yeah, stuff) comes some fun stuff, too. Like dressing up.


And getting to have special things, like B’s mom’s wedding veil (she almost couldn’t believe she got to wear it) to borrow.


She was kinda a nervous wreck the entire first part of Mass. She didn’t want to do it wrong. But she did it beautifully.


After Mass, we came home and the kids played while Dan and I got things ready for the dessert party. And when I say, “Get things ready,” I mean put out the dessert we purchased at Rosauers and Costco and set out some plates and napkins.

So lucky. We are so, so lucky.


2 thoughts on “First Communion

  1. Ellen

    Just a heads up- Maria mentioned to me that the wine at communion is really good. I’m not sure, but I think Catholics use real wine (I’m all about the grape juice at the Presbyterian church) so you might want to watch out for that in the future.


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