This Girl


Is she adorable or what? Answer: yes. Absolutely adorable. She’s also very, very fun. So while we were waiting for our turn to be seated at Waffles ‘n More she obviously decided to play fairies. Because she’s fun. Well apparently her fairy character balances precariously on the edge of concrete steps because this is exactly what she was doing when she was bumped by Jamie (when she tells the story, she says that Jamie pushed her…but I know for a fact this is not true) and fell. She fell hard. And she didn’t even use her hands to catch herself. BUT she did use her teeth, gums, and lips. Now?


Ouch. We went to urgent care at St. Joes because it was bleeding pretty badly and her gums and teeth just looked mangled. We were there for SO LONG. And in the end, we didn’t even get to see a dentist. Why? Apparently the dentist didn’t realize he was on call. The doctor’s words were, “Much to his dismay, he was on call.” And he didn’t come in because it “wasn’t emergent.” ohhhh, that made me so mad.  Was her life in danger?  No.  But here was a 3 year old whose mouth looked bad enough that the doctor wasn’t sure if they would need to pull all the teeth or go in and repair anything….so it’s not like it was just a little lip cut.  So we were told to give her tylenol and take her to our dentist in the morning. I absolutely hate emergency rooms. Anyway, the poor girl took a nap yesterday and woke up hurting pretty badly. We gave her Tylenol and it helped quite a bit. Worst part of all? She can’t suck her thumb. Her thumb is her very best friend in the world. Sad.

Warning: Don’t look at the next picture if you gag easily.


The poor little bug’s lip looks like she paid big money in Beverly Hills for some injections. And her gums are so bruised and swollen. Dr. Jeremy (who we adore) took x-rays and said that he didn’t want to pull them now. If he did that, she’d basically have to be asleep for it (we don’t want that). And things are so bruised and swollen that he can’t even really get a good look up there. So we are going to go back and see him after things have calmed down a bit. The tooth are definitely loose and will either fall out or will need to be pulled.

And Alice might be the toughest girl I know.



2 thoughts on “This Girl

  1. Trish

    Oh Ruthie & Alice, Poor little girl! That looks like it is so painful. I love the last picture where she is smiling & playing on her scooter, despite the fact that she’s probably hurting like crazy! Nicholas went through a similar thing a few years ago on a jumping castle, it involved him knocking his teeth onto someones head. We did the emergency dentist in his office (Thanks to Dr. Wiggins, SR!) and believe it or not, his teeth held tight and didn’t fall out for a VERY long time afterwards. I’m hoping that the same will happen for Miss Alice. Good luck, and may the force be with you!


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