Life After Vacation…

….kinda sucks.

Do you know how many times a day this past week I have thought to myself, “I wonder how long the line is to Cars right now?” or “A poolside plunge sounds so delicious…” or “This weather is horrible, I want to be in Southern California.”

Too.  Many.  Times.


It’s been freezing here.  Not only has it not crept up over 55 degrees, it’s also been horribly windy.  Have you heard of wind chill?  I threw the kittens’ winter jackets in the garage, hoping to not drag them out until October, but they wore them every day.   What do we do when life hands us too much windy and not enough warmth?  Make lemonade.

Wait.  That doesn’t work.


We chilled inside with the sun pouring in.


We made terrariums to remind us that Spring really will come some day.

[Han Solo most definitely does not carry a spear]

We celebrated birthdays with grandpa. (yikes, this is horribly unflattering.  I don’t even care.)


We look adorable in newborn sized gowns that will soon be too small but for now fit just right.


We put on our gear (don’t worry, she wore a helmet when she was riding) and ride like the wind.


We invite friends over (Tara, B, Cenone, Sadie, Hailey) and serve cheese and crackers and wine and crepes and talk wedding.

[hailey is deep in conversation and doesn’t realize Olive cannot see]


We spend Monday mornings sharing and playing and being sweet. And mama spends the morning hoping it lasts ALLLLLL week long.


And finally, we smile and look adorable because….we’re freaking making lemonade.


Happy Monday!

If you wanna see Alice’s full outfit (which is really adorable), go to




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