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I actually am not sure I ever told you all that we decided to road trip from Washington state (eastern WA state) to California (southern California). Well we did and right now we’ve been gone for approximately 57 hours.


We loaded up the kids and distractions and our ridiculously good attitudes (because we had to start out as happy as possible so we wouldn’t crash too early) and drove.

We arrived in Monterey after a Friday night stay in southern Oregon.




We stopped in San Francisco and met my dads cousin Matt and his wife (they are awesome) for dinner then continued on. Saturday night, we were done and needed sleep.

But Sunday, we were ready to go. Easter, fools! But the stupid Easter bunny who probably had spent way too much on items to keep the kittens occupied on the long car trip left the Easter baskets in Washington. The Easter bunny was probably really pissed off and most likely said a few choice words when the mistake was realized. So the kids got 1 little thing from the Monterey Target each with a note explaining that the real baskets were waiting for them at home.

We got up and ready and had a delicious brunch at Roy’s.



They’re so freaking cute.

Pat and Lily saved the day with their awesome Easter surprises, plus we got to go to the beach and hunt eggs. Because we’re in California and in California you do stuff like that.


After checking out tide pools, we checked out the aquarium.





It was bomb. The kids LOVED it.

Then it was swim time.





Easter dinner? On the wharf.

With a little cotton candy dessert


If you want to see our adventures via instagram, check out #insaneroadtrip.

Next stop? Disneyland.


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