Bday Party….totally a play on words.

We went to B’s birthday party this weekend.  See what I did there?  B is her name and I called this post “Bday Party.”  Get it?  I’m so clever it hurts.

Before I talk about the party, let me brief you on B’s mom. Tara is a girl after my own heart. She says, “Durr,” and loves Shop Sweet Lulu. She buys cool things before they are cool, then is totally cool about it. That’s cool.


So I shouldn’t have been surprised to walk into her home and see the ridiculous party that she supposedly did all last minute.   She’s a damn liar and I swear, if she did that all last minute, I’m quitting. It was amazing.

Here’s B:


She’s Charlotte’s bff and it was made official with the Minnie Mouse Best Friend necklace we got her.  Unless she gives 1/2 of it to Colt or Ryder or Isla or Leo.  Don’t even think about it, B.

Charlotte had pretty much the best time. Mostly with the giant balloons.



Here…just look…

[just a heads up, the pink lemonade is spiked with vodka. I learned that after I downed a glass. I was very parched and thought the lemonade was quite strong. Turns out, it was strong with vodka. I don’t mind a little mistaken drunkenness.  Where are the signs, Tara?  I don’t see them.]

[oh, here, let’s just whip up some Minnie and Mickey ears for party favors…HAND MADE]

[perfectly frosted and Minnie Ear-adorned cupcakes. NBD.]

[I’m a sucker for paper shreds. Oh, and ribbon touches. Like the ribbon around the tin.]

[Minnie plates and strawberry milk with a pink striped straw? love.]

[these Minnie heads were all over the house. that description sounds weird and creepy, but it was super cute.]


Happy Birthday to our favorite 2 year old who isn’t a member of our family.  Because Charlotte will be 2 soon, and she’s obviously our favorite….but B, you’re second.


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