THE party.

Finally, Saturday the 23rd came. It was a balmy 30 degrees at 9:00 am. Holy hell it was cold.

[the frost had barely melted at this point]

I kind of lied to the parents. I said that I’d have hot chocolate available because I knew it’d be cold. But then I went through the logistics of that in my head and said, “ah, screw it, I’m going with juice and chocolate milk boxes.” And I did. And when you’re the host of the birthday party, you can do whateeeeeever you want.


Donuts anyone?



They aren’t “Every Day is a Donut Day” but that’s alright. They worked.

I also made homemade pastry pockets (hindsight is 20/20 and they totally should have been heated up).


And breakfast burritos. Imagine what they look like because I didn’t take a picture.

The goody bags turned out adorable…

[bags from Shop Sweet Lulu and the stamps are from Megan]


The cake was amazing…

[Tracy Robles made this cake — I said, “I’d like 2 tiers….grey background and green ombre chevrons around each layer.” She nailed it.]

…and just because I love good party decor, I couldn’t say no to balloons. EVEN with the helium shortage.

[also Shop Sweet Lulu]

I’m pretty sure Maria had a blast. Almost all of her classmates came, along with a few of our other wonderful friends. We are so spoiled when it comes to friends.

Daddy did a little skate lesson for them and showed them a thing or 2.


I jumped on the board, too. Remember? I’m a skater.

Except that right in front of my board, there was a tiny little rock. I ate it. I ate it hard. I fell like Alice falls — just about as ungraceful as one can fall. I tried NOT to fall which made it worse. No, wait….what made it worse was that Megan and Liz and Danny were standing right there and probably got the best view of my bella band. Ya know, that stretchy band that one wears both during and after pregnancy to keep her pants up when they aren’t quite fitting like they should. Except that my newborn is almost 3 months old and while I can button these pants, they just produce a muffin top, hence the need for the bella band and unbuttoned pants. I’m just glad this is all out in the open now and Liz and Megan don’t have to wonder, “I wonder if she knew that I saw that bella band and that her pants weren’t buttoned? Now I can’t even look at her…” Well, you can. I know.

So anyway……back to the party.

Our friends rock.

[the 3 amigos. i love these 3 kids.]

[awesome helmet]

[they were walking and stumbled upon the party…and i’m glad they did. they’re awesome.]





The kids skated for about an hour and then we blew out candles and opened presents.





What’d the boys do most of the time? Here…





They are hilarious and so well-suited for each other, I couldn’t have chosen a better bff for Jamie if I tried. Not that I’m going around trying to find him bffs….Noah just came to us, or maybe we came to him.  Either way, I kind of forced the friendship at first by inviting him to hang out every other minute. Thank God. And thank God for Sophia. But I’m pretty sure Sophia will soon realize what huge nerds they are (but I secretly hope they bring her to the dark side and make her a super nerd like them).

And after being uber spoiled with horses, books, fashion design sets, Legos, sticker makers, dolls, bags, lip gloss and other treasures, we had to clean up and head out.

[we all felt this way when it was time to leave. we had so much fun.]

And we got back home where Maria dove into her gifts.


She had some help.



Love the toddler tummy.


And when Charlotte got 2 seconds alone with the horse….she tried to saddle up.





Better luck next year, cowgirl.


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