Maria Grace, the Violinist

I’m really proud of all my kids, for different reasons. I’m proud of the wonderful friends they are, how they treat others, the way they share so well, how smart they are and how fun, too. They each have very unique and different things about them that set them apart from their siblings – and I’m proud of them for all of those things.

Maria is a violinist.

I’m so proud of how she’s stuck with it. There are some Tuesday evenings where the last thing she wants to do is quit playing with Ali and Grant and load up for violin lessons. But she does it without complaining. There are nights when playing “Song of the Wind” isn’t on her personal agenda, but she knows she has to. She practices every time we ask her to and she never gets upset or annoyed. For a 7 year old to be able to stick with something that takes a lot of time, practice, and patience is awesome. We are very proud.





She had a little performance today at a retirement home in Clarkston. Betty does all of her little recitals at retirement homes and I must say, it’s a wonderful idea. The residents absolutely love it. And why have it anywhere else? Really, the activity room in any retirement/nursing home is just as good of a place to play the violin as anywhere else.

Maria’s teacher Betty is awesome.


Maria is only 7 and was 5 when she started, but Betty expects a lot from her. She expects her to practice, bring all her materials to each lesson, and expects her to progress. I love that. Maria is responsible for working hard and is so pleased when it all pays off. If she isn’t doing well on a particular song, Betty isn’t shy about letting her know it. She doesn’t accept excuses and expects us to be on time to every practice. But she’s also very kind and encouraging. She’s great.

Maria played lovely today.



And while she did her thing, Charlotte did hers…


Please don’t think I thought it would be really cute to dress her in head-to-toe Cinderella for Maria’s concert. She had a fit when I thought maybe we should put real clothes on. I didn’t want to fight that battle.


HOnestly, she was a stinker.


But Maria Grace, the violinist, was perfect. She stood up in front of the crowd and loudly introduced herself and her song. She played almost flawlessly and didn’t get too nervous or embarrassed.


We are so proud.


1 thought on “Maria Grace, the Violinist

  1. Danielle Bradshaw

    Good for Maria! I wish my 7 year old would be that dedicated to something. She is a beautiful girl!


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