Book Clubs, Powwows, Shots and Gold Shiny Leggings

The other day, I looked up from my book to see this:


That’s Maria writing her book report.

Her self-assigned book report.

This girl loves to read. And while reading is really important to me, and I want my kids to love to read and always be reading, I’m not one of those parents (because if we are all being honest, we know exactly who I’m talking about….that parent) who is constantly saying, “Oh, she just LOVES reading….she’s just always reading,” to impress other moms and make them think that I’ve done such a great job with my kids that all they want to do is read. But if I ever say that about Maria, it’s totally true. Now, if I said that about Jamie….lie. He’s a great reader, but he’d rather be battling storm troopers or something on the brain scrambling machine (that’s a television). Back to my book-reading-perfect-child, she organized her own little book club at school and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if she’s the only member who has actually followed through on her membership duties and written the report. Because she takes clubs very seriously.

Oh, Maria.

Yesterday, I joined Children’s House (with Olive in arms) to a powwow at LCSC. It was awesome.


I love this picture. Jamie is doing some really offensive-looking march (I’m thinking a Nazi youth march) and Alice is completely in her own little world.

LCSC is only a couple blocks from the school, so the kids got a partner and walked 2×2. They were really good. There are always a couple in any group who really test the boundaries, but Ms. Megan and Ms. Mayra are really good about redirecting them. We got there in one piece. And while we were there, the kids were so good. They joined area 4th graders. So here was a group of 3, 4, 5, and some 6 year olds sitting very quietly and respectfully with 10 year olds. They fit right in with their manners and, dare I say it, were better behaved than some of the kids around us. I know this because I watched a few girls looking totally unimpressed with the beautiful dancing and a boy hiding like a turtle inside his sweatshirt. CHMS kids rock.

Like I said, the dancing was beautiful.


We’re really lucky to live in an area that has this culture of people who are so proud and are so willing to share it. I mean that 100%. I’ve always been very interested in other cultures, traditions, and customs but where we live in Idaho it is pretty limited as to what we can learn about first hand. Except for this. We learned about what dances were performed for what occasions, why dresses have bells on them, where they originated, that sort of thing. Very interesting . I hope it made the kids (all of them, not just CHMS students) really appreciate and respect what we have here, because it’s important.


And look who got to be a part of the circle dance:


[Jamie and Alice with their best friend Sophia. Perfect.]


After the powwow, Miss Olive had a well-baby visit. Ouch. This well-baby visit meant 4 pokes.


But she’s weighing in at a gigantic 9lbs 10oz. Such a tiny little thing!

[and so beautiful, too]

Unfortunately, she had a rough night. Shots hurt. And that’s why I’m awake blogging before babies are awake. *sigh* Mama is tired.

One more: Violin. Maria’s teacher, Betty, does not mess around. I’ve only been to violin one other time with her (usually Danny goes and takes her) and it makes me so nervous.


Sure, Betty might only be 4 1/2 feet tall, but she’s tough. Not just on Maria (who doesn’t seem to mind at all! I’d have burst into tears at her age if my violin teacher scolded me like Betty scolds Maria) but on Danny, too. Apparently, the 2 of them (Maria and Dan) have misplaced the little sponge that goes under her chin. Betty’s not happy about it and has blamed it totally on Danny and his lack of attention during lessons. I guess he’s often preoccupied. I’m picturing him on his phone while Betty is trying to talk to him and I’m starting to sweat. It was when she said, “I guess with 5 kids, violin lessons aren’t a top priority, but she really needs to watch her bow…” that I decided I was going to give her the eggs from the coop that I’d just gathered…as a peace offering. I bribe my children’s teachers. Ask Megan. Bribe them with eggs and friendship.

So anyway, this week will be a week of serious violin practices so she can outshine every other student at the violin mini-recital this saturday (because that’s totally the type of mom I am. She LOVES to read…). The concert is at the Clarkston Care Center. A retirement home. Swanky.

Hope all my internet friends have a fabulous week!

(The only way to make sure you have a fabulous week would be to purchase yourself a pair of gold shiny leggings)



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