Weekend Getaway

I’m certain you’ve noticed my absence.  I’m sure you’ve checked my blog several times a day between Thursday and now and wondered if everything was okay.

It is, fear not.  I was just on a little weekend getaway.  I left with my parents on Thursday afternoon with Olive and a suitcase, ready for a little time away.  Much needed time away.  I am pretty sure that whether a mom has 1 or 5 kids, every mom needs some alone (or almost alone) time.

We went to Portland to visit my older brother.  We arrived Thursday night around 10pm and I fell asleep pretty much the moment my head hit the pillow.  Sleep is nice.

But at 5:00am, the tiny kitten was ready to get going.


What’s that? You think I’m blaming it all on her because in this picture she’s clearly asleep and not wide awake at 5:00am? Well you’re right, she is asleep in this picture. But this was at 7:00. After I’d showered and dried my hair and committed to a $4.99 episode of RHOBH. I couldn’t fall back asleep at that point.  Poor Kim was being accused of being drunk or on drugs, Kyle wasn’t defending her, and they were chopping off duck heads.  I couldn’t quit watching.

After my parents woke up and got ready, we headed down for breakfast. Embassy Suites is pretty bomb because their breakfast is included with your stay and it’s not just a couple bagels and cereal. It’s bacon and pancakes and oatmeal and toast and english muffins and eggs. It’s legit.

Know what else is legit? Our secret donut shop that is located in a sketchy building in Hillsboro.


I mean, can you go wrong with a business name like “Every Day is a Donut Day?” Located in the middle of a pawn shop and a Spanish speaking man who buys gold and silver, this donut shop is a hidden gem.


They make the best buttermilk bars I’ve ever tasted in my life. Each time we come over, I contemplate buying them out and taking them home and freezing them because it’d be worth it.

We ate our donuts and did some shopping before meeting Josh for lunch downtown.

Raspberry lemonade?


Yes, please.

The lunch was delicious.

[see? he’s so excited about shrimp. wrapped in bacon. mmmmm]



The day was gorgeous. From where we sat, we watched lots of runners and dog walkers and mamas with strollers walking on a path.


We did a little more shopping after lunch. Obviously.

I had the perfect view.


My favorite store? Lululemon.


Let me tell you a little something about yoga (you might think this is a weird subject-change but it’s not. just wait). When you dress the part and totally look the part, you’re better at it. And you feel so much cooler. This is true, right Hailey? Hailey, shut up.  (she could probably wear jeans and a leather jacket and still be good at it.  Hailey can sometimes suck.) Well Lululemon is the most awesome store if you want to look like a yogi. Problem: a tank top, just the bare minimum tank top with no shelf bra or anything, costs $46. The yoga pants? They run anywhere from $68 to $98. Basically, it’s really expensive to look like a pro yogi. If yogis were pros, which I’m not sure they are. But this girl doesn’t have an unlimited yoga apparel budget, so she went with the tank top. But I’m stoked to try that sucker out.

It can be hard to be a baby and be hauled around all day. But Olive is a rockstar.


And so freaking adorable.

Friday night was my night to choose dinner. My birthday dinner. Are you questioning me again? Wondering what other lies are going to come spewing out of my mouth next? You’re right, my birthday isn’t for another month, but we’ll be gone for my birthday, and my parents thought it’d be fun to celebrate with my brother and Liisa. They were right (they usually are). We ate at Salty’s and oh, man, it was good.

I started out with a bubbly cocktail. Berry Tasty I think it was called. Very clever. And very yummy. And do you know what makes dinner even more fun and delicious? When it’s your birthday and they celebrate by putting balloons on your chair and bringing you white chocolate mousse cake for dessert.



So festive.

By the time we got back to the hotel, it was pretty late and once again I fell asleep asap. Big deal. Faking my birthday is tiring.

But don’t you worry. I was up at 6:00am the next morning. Holy rooster, Olive. (ya know, cuz roosters wake up early…)


One of my bffs Alex lives in Portland so he came to pick us up and took us to Saint Cupcake. I love cupcakes.

And cappuccino. But only if the baristas make cute little leaves in the foam.



The best cupcake was the salty captain which we are pretty sure is also the name of an erotic dance or a sexual position (I mean, seriously???? awesome.) but it was delicious nonetheless.

Alex got to meet Olive, and they got along great.


While the baby nursed, I ate. Cupcakes. 2 of them. They are that delicious.


Being the awesome friend Alex is, he delivered us back to Hillsboro. A little background on our friendship: Alex and I have been friends since junior high. He’s hilarious. He’s also one of Alice’s godfathers, and while I may question the spiritual guidance he’s giving (or not giving) to her, I will never question why we are friends. Bomb dot com, that kid.

So I was delivered back to my parents and we hung out a bit at Josh’s house, watched SNL (Martin Short makes me gut roll), and got ready to go to Tigard High School for a high school dance team exhibition. Yep, you most definitely heard that correctly. High. School. Dance. Team. Exhibition.

Liisa coaches Century High School’s dance team (go Jags!) and we went to watch. And, duh, I had to look the part of a supportive sister in law, which means I asked her to give me a sweatshirt.


Good news. Because we live in Clarkston, I can wear this sweatshirt to every Clarkston High School event. Sure, everyone will wonder why I am supporting the Jaguars when Clarkston’s mascot is a bantam chicken (go on, judge us). And yeah, the colors are totally wrong. But whatev. I have no pride. Except pride in the Jags.

Those dancers are serious.


Obviously, Liisa’s team was the best and if had been judged, I’m pretty sure she would have gone home with the gold. But alas, it wasn’t.

Josh and I did get some good brother-sister bonding time in, though.


How do we bond? Let me tell you how we bond. We bond by being horrible people. The type of people who may or may not be making fun of the guy next to us who supports one of the dancer’s by wearing a t-shirt with her picture on the back. Or maybe by agreeing that the emcee is awful and annoying and should not be as good at calling a drill-down as he is. We also said some more things that I won’t repeat. So many people there who were ridiculous. Except for us, of course.

After dance, we went to Josh and Liisa’s house and ate dinner and watched a movie. I actually fell asleep and woke up as it was time to go then went to sleep as soon as we got back to the room.


Olive woke up happy the next morning, probably because she got approximately 10 hours of sleep…STRAIGHT SLEEP. She didn’t wake up once. Oh my gosh, this mama was happy. And well rested.

We met Josh and Liisa for breakfast and headed out.

And now….back to the real world.


And a field mouse. Just for kicks.

Happy Sunday!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Getaway

  1. Ashley

    Ruthie! It’s Ashley Taylor. I don’t have a facebook anymore and I thought instagram might be a strange place to do this so anywayyyy I’m going to leave you a random comment on your blog instead! In response to the lulumon/yoga post…where on earth in the Valley do you go to yoga? I’m dying to sign up for a class and I have no idea where to do it. Please help a girl out and email me some deets if you can! PS. I love your bangs! Super cute.

    1. ruthie1985 Post author

      Lol hi!! There’s an ashtanga yoga class Mondays and Wednesdays downtown behind Allen and Co. Hair Salon at 5:15 and Thursday at 5:30. It’s $40/mo. 🙂

  2. Liz

    I went to high school in Hillsboro before Centennial was even there. now I feel old. and I do miss civilization more, thanks to your post. At least the sun is out today!

  3. Hailey

    It’s in fact true: you look good at yoga, you are better at yoga. Also, that picture of the mouse made me want to throw up.


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