The Polka Dot Fox

Okay, readers, I’m starting a new project:


Yep, The Polka Dot Fox.

It’s not going to be family-related, although you will see lots of pictures of the kittens.

I’m going to use it to review products — mostly clothing — that my kids wear and feature things that we think are fashion.  I’m excited because this will be so fun!  I love dressing my kids and discovering new labels and artists and brands.  I like mixing up prints and fabrics and styles and to share things I find and discover will be a blast.  Does my life sound boring??….

We’ll show parties, highlight places we go to buy things for parties, fun DIY fashion projects (think accessories, headbands, artwork, that kind of thing), and sometimes food.

Because food is delicious.

So come on over and follow me!  Please!  No…..seriously.  please.  follow me.

And to celebrate, I’m going to do a giveaway.  Yes, my faithful followers.  A giveaway.

Tell someone about my new blog and then comment here (comment anything.  You can comment on your favorite movie or a hilarious thing your kid said.  Tell me what color your shoes are or what you think of crazy Brandi from RHOBH.  Anything.)

I’ll keep the contest going all week and one lucky winner will receive (1) pack of Honest Company diapers, size 1.  I have both boy and girl prints, so don’t worry about that!  What else is great news?  I’ll ship them to you if you’re out of town.

(ps, you’re welcome, shelley….)


13 thoughts on “The Polka Dot Fox

  1. Barb R

    Ruthie, you have beautiful children, but thank God I don’t need diapers anymore, time for all you young mothers to raise the next generation, keep doing the good job and our country will be in good shape.

  2. Cecilia Fowler

    I love reading your blog- and now I will read your new one 🙂 …Just thought I’d comment even though size 1 diapers would never fit my boy, lol. They have adorable looking prints though!

  3. Heather Hildreth

    I don’t know where you find the time Ruthie, but I’m glad that you do!! 😉 I enjoy reading and viewing all your beautiful photos!! Maybe some day we will have to get our little babes together for a play date once they are older!!


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