Friday Favorites

Yep, it’s that time of the week.  The day that I reveal to you some of my favorite things.  I cannot promise they are all exciting and awesome, but I can promise you that I really actually use or love everything I feature.  That’s enough, right?



Specifically, mini Reese’s blizzards with extra Reese’s. The extra part is key.

The ARTFUL Mandy


I follow her on Instagram and discovered she is very talented, especially in typography. I’m a sucker for awesome lettering. Didn’t know that about me? Now you do. Anyway, her Etsy shop is full of a bunch of her work, and she takes custom orders, too. I ordered Maria something for First Communion and can’t wait to see it.

She also runs The Organic Family blog which she is getting back up and running after a little hiatus. I’m going to be doing a guest post there sometime in the near future so keep your eye out.

Geronimo Stilton

geronimo stilton

This little book series is great. The kids LOVE them. They are pretty easy to read and are really unique in that there are little pictures along with the words…you’ll have to check them out.

Hello Apparel heart leggings

hello heart leggings

Because who can resist a 3 year old with hearts on her knees?

Mushroom Crumb Vacuum


Okay, you guys, this thing rocks. I got it off of Zulily and completely forgot about it until it arrived yesterday (because that’s what happens with Zulily). It’s a handheld vacuum that you run along your countertops before you spray them down to suck up any crumbs. I clean a lot, and I hate it when I’m spraying down countertops and discover I have forgotten to get all the crumbs first.



It’s almost here…


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