A Run-Down of Our Thursday

I decided yesterday that solely with iPhone photos, I would document our Thursday. That lasted until 3:30 when things got a little rushed and I totally forgot to take pictures.

Every day (well actually every evening) there are 5 sets of little outfits lined up on the living room table, ready for the kids to hop into.


Tops or dresses, pants, socks or tights, undies or diapers, and shoes. Do you know what a difference this makes in our morning routine? If I forget to do this the night before, it’s hectic. I’m not even kidding. The 10 minutes it takes me to gather everything up feels like 30 and it throws us.

So the kids woke up, ate breakfast, got dressed and headed out to the car. I always wait last minute to get Olive because she’s always sleeping.

[“hello, friends.”]

We dropped Maria off and then headed to Dawn’s to take Miss Charlotte. From Maria’s school to Dawn’s, Charlotte was on repeat: “B! Dawn!! B! Dawn!!” She loves going to Dawn’s. Before we were even out of the car, she was waving at the kids and saying, “Bye, guys!”


Starbucks was calling my name. It always calls my name.


I’m 17 stars away from gold card status. That’s so many stars.


I channeled my inner Tara and sat in my car for a bit when we arrived home. The kids were quiet and I was responding to emails. And when I say I’m responding to emails, it means I’m deleting 25 emails just from the morning: Gap, Zulily, V-Tech Kids, Disney, Zara Lookbook, JCrew……so many friends.

I took a deep breath and walked into the house.


I clean and pick up and wipe down counters and do a few loads of laundry and usually by that time, the kids want breakfast. Oh, yes, they have already eaten breakfast, but always claim it was their “step breakfast” (duh, the breakfast before the actual breakfast). In their defense, they aren’t big eaters in the morning, which I can totally relate to. They like a little time awake before they fuel up.

It just so happened that the girls (the poultry girls) provided.


They ate.


I cleaned up.


Then, since they lost their privileges, they weren’t allowed to watch tv or play video games, so they had to *gasp* play with their toys together. I know, mean mom. So while they did that and Olive slept, I hopped on the computer to make a little something for my gal pal Hailey (‘gal pal?’ I dunno, whatever).


And I did a little blogging. I did some more laundry then decided that the tiniest kitten deserved to be clean. So she had a bath.


Still so tiny. And as cute as ever.


Really, I need someone to be my personal photographer. I’d appreciate someone who will come to my house between the hours of 7:00am and 6:00pm and just take pictures of our family and our routine. This would eliminate all of these horrible self portraits where the camera is visible in the mirror.

By this time, we had to take the middle kids to school, so off they went. We went to get eggs.


I laughed at this online:


Then I went with my friend Megan to check out a house. This house was amazing, but what really caught my eye was the good taste in sneakers the tenants had.

[i like high tops]

The hours between 2:00 and 6:30 go undocumented in photo-form. But here is what we did:

– finished some laundry
– picked up the kids
– took Jamie to dance
– went to Hastings to get a gift for Sophia
– picked Jamie up from dance
– picked Ria up from Lala’s
– picked Charlotte up from Dawn’s
– went home and made dinner for the kids
– walked our cat….


– talked to Megan (lava girl megan) when she arrived to watch the kittens
– went to Hogans (just Dan and me and Olive) for a delicious burger with onion rings and an alcoholic drink
– went to Dairy Queen and made my first Lenten fail
– picked up Charlotte from Lala’s (she went there because she was sick and needing serious cuddles)
– went back home.

Poor baby


And today we are doing lots of that all over again. It’s what we do. Routine.

Happy Friday!


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