What’s in My….


Oh, this ones a doozy.


1) Eggs. We don’t have an egg carton built into our car (even though, now that I think about it, Toyota should consider that as a special add-on) so when we go and get Shirley, Mocha, Pinkie Pie and Alice II’s eggs, we stick them here.

2) Holy Water. You never know when you need to do a good old-fashioned exorcism (or maybe your daughter brought it home to bless all the members in your family…either way)

3) Debit Card

4) Stila lip gloss. A car staple.

5) Hair rubberband around the gear thingy. You never want to be left without a hair rubberband when you desperately need to throw up your hair. It’s horrible.


6) Starbucks water bottle. Best.

7) Penny. Random loose change.

8) Pregnant woman with fetus in her uterus milagro. Let me give you a quick lesson on Milagros. “Milagros” in Spanish translates to “miracles.” Catholics (mostly in Latin American communities, but not exclusively) use milagros for prayer. There might be alters set up and if you want to pray for someone or something specific, you pin that ‘milagro’ to the alter and pray for it. For example, if you have a friend who really hurt his/her leg, you’d pin a leg milagro to the alter to pray for them. Milagros are awesome. This one I keep with me all the time to pray for my friends who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant. I would really appreciate it if you would all carry a milagro for every single body part for me…because at any given time, I think I am dying from many ailments…finger cancer, brain tumors, a hang nail…..the list goes on and on. I just wanna have all my bases covered. Please and thank you.

9) Gum.


10) Headband. I need to be ready and fashion at any given moment.

11) CD. This is my “Awesome” mix. The lineup is as follows: Alice in Chains (rooster), Young the Giant (cough syrup), Dynamite Hack (Boys in the Hood), Monsters and Men (Little talks), Candace (I’m the Queen of Mars), Andrew and Polly (jelly man kelly), DMB (stay or leave), MJ (black or white), DMB (some devil), Mumford and Sons (I will wait), The Lumineers (oh, hey), Pomplamoose (another day)

12) Sirius. My presets are: Coffee House, Alt Nation, Lithium, The Bridge, Today’s Hits and Catholic Radio.  Best preset list ever.


13) $10 Coupon book we got at the Boys and Girls Club auction. This does me no good. I gave up deliciousness for Lent.  I mean fast food.  (ps, Starbucks does not count as fast food.  I obviously made sure of that before giving up fast food.  I’m a good Catholic but not that good.  Please.)

14) Jamie’s immunization records. He’s pretty healthy.

15) Itty bitty headband

16) Great Clips receipt. From the horrible woman who cut Alice’s hair. I wish I would have tipped her 5 cents instead of nothing, because 5 cents is worse. Hindsight is 20/20.

17) Adorable return address labels from Tiny Prints

18) The Shins CD

19) Mustache straws. You never know when you’re going to need a straw. Which is why there are also gray striped straws in there as well.

20) A really hard work from Jamie’s day at school. Probably from 5 weeks ago.


21) Diapers. In size NB and 4. It’s important.

22) Empty bank envelope. You’d think it’d be easy to just pick it up and throw it away. But guess what? I left it there. BEcause THATS easier.

23) Playmobil girl. Wishing someone would put her out of her misery.

24) SO MANY CRUMBS. I don’t even know what it’s from. Cheddar Bunnies perhaps? Maybe some saltines thrown in there?


25) Clothes. Because apparently when I say, “Maria, don’t forget to grab your sweater,” she thinks I mean, “Please leave your sweater right where it is.”

26) Valentines. Duh.

So there you have it. What’s fun about my car is that you never know what’s going to be in there. Today it’s a Playmobil girl but tomorrow it might be 17 books. There are crumbs on the floor now, but by this afternoon I may have vacuumed them up (hahahahahahaha). The pregnant milagro might be exchanged for a set of lungs. you just never know.

A doozy.


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