A Couple Projects to Consider Supporting

I feel like my post titles have really hit rock bottom.  They’re so horrible and unwitty.  And I don’t even think ‘unwitty’ is a word.  But for a post like this, I suppose the title doesn’t really matter because it gets right to the point.  And I’m tired and don’t want to think of a clever title.  There, I said it.

If there’s something I love, it’s supporting a cause I truly believe in.  Like the Prasil Kids’ Zara Clothing Fund that I fully supported last year and raised funds through a yardsale.  I worked my tail off for that cause.

But in all seriousness, there are some great organizations out there.  Locally, we have the Snake River Community Clinic which is a free clinic for members of our community who are unable to pay medical expenses.  They get to see a doctor, get prescriptions and get really great medical care for free or at a very low cost.  Everyone deserves access to medical care, I believe that 100%.  (to donate, click here)

The Salvation Army and the YWCA.  Both of these organizations either counsel, house, and/or feed our friends and neighbors in the community who are having a rough go of it.  The Salvation Army has a meal many nights of the week.  You can come every single time, or you can come once.  No one asks why you are there, what your situation is, or how often you plan on coming.  You eat until you are full and you don’t have to worry about feeding your kids a filling dinner.  This makes a difference for so many mamas and dads who have a hard time paying bills, let alone feed their families a good, healthy, and filling meal each night.  The YWCA has rooms available for people to stay temporarily until they find a place permanently.  They hold school supply drives for back-t0-school.  Because school supplies are expensive.

The Jackson Baldwin Pay it Forward Foundation is another organization in the valley that provides  “support to ill children from the community that gave so much to him though out his short life.” Him being Jackson, a little boy who struggled with neuroblastoma during the last part of his life.  The foundation raises lots of money  and give tons away to families who struggle during their children’s illnesses.  (to donate, click here)

The Lewiston Library Foundation is currently working to create a beautiful new library out of an existing building downtown.  Our community needs this to happen.  We need a place that is easy to get to, that is beautiful, that provides thousands of books to our thousands of community members – children, adults, students, professionals, etc.  Everyone should have access to books.  I believe this, too.  (to donate, click here)

So this week, while scrolling through my Instagram feed (soooooo many pictures because I just have soooooo many friends…) I stumbled across a couple more great causes.

(1) PS I Adore You and Hello Apparel teamed up to raise awareness for childhood cancer by offering these t-shirts.  A portion of the proceeds from the sale of these tees (available in pink and blue in both children’s and adult sizes) go to CureSearch.

Did you think I’d miss out on the opportunity to not only support this cause but to have matching ADORABLE tee shirts for the kittens?  Psh.  Then you clearly don’t know me.





They are adorable.

(2) I love a good children’s book.  I knew that when all my Instagram “friends” were tagging ‘ashmae’ and her new book, The Lost Party I had to check it out.  Kickstarter is a website where people present their projects and give an opportunity for people to back it financially if it’s something they believe in.  Her illustrations are adorable and I’m kind of in love with the duck who is wearing a party hat.

So there you have it.  If you have any interest in any of these causes or projects, check them out.


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