I did it, you guys.  A few weeks ago I made my yoga comeback.

“Comeback?” you ask?  Yes, comeback.  Because last year, I went to yoga for about 10 classes before I got pregnant and decided that pregnant women, no matter how pregnant, should not practice yoga.

Which leads me to believe this photo had to have been photoshopped:


So let’s talk about my comeback.  It is kicking my ass.  There are a few things you need to know about me:

(1) The last time I was serious about exercising was right after I had Maria and had approximately 3 months to fit into my wedding dress.  I succeeded, but that was it.

(2) I am sweaty.  Like…all the time.  Especially during yoga.

(3) I have absolutely no arm strength.  Read: vinyasa is near impossible for me.  This is vinyasa:


I’m serious.  My vinyasa looks a lot like one of Alice’s special tricks she does.  And Alice is not graceful.  And her tricks aren’t as special as she’d like you to believe.

These 3 points about me are all important because Yoga with Hailey and Teresa and Joanna is not fun, joke around, let’s just all have a great time…time.  It’s serious.  They can do things like back bends.  And can twist their whole bodies around like weird circus performers.  By the end of practice, my bangs are so sweaty, it’s pretty gross.  If there was any chance of me getting my hands together during the twisting stuff, it’s quickly shattered by how slippery they are.  I know, you guys, I’m as grossed out as you are.  Now with the arm strength.  I have none.  Like….none.  Yikes.

What do I have going for me?  I got some cute Lululemon yoga pants and a top.  When I lose 10 pounds, I’m going to look so awesome at yoga.

But I will say this for those yogis (because I like saying “yogi”).  They are definitely encouraging and there are a lot of, “Oh, you almost have it!!!”s going on.  And it’s only because of that fact that I’m willing to accept their yoga awesomeness.  Otherwise, I’d call them stupid and quit yoga.  Because, honestly, my hand does kinda hurt a little bit.  That’s a good excuse.

But I do have a yoga goal actually.  To be able to both back bend AND do a perfect vinyasa by Sadie’s wedding in September.  Sadie’s wedding is my goal date for so many things.  Lose weight, start a new blog project, have Charlotte 100% potty trained (both day and night with no accidents), become a yoga master…….

 It’s going to be a busy summer.

And now….excuse me while I shavasana.



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