Seven Weeks

7 weeks.


This amazing little human is 7 weeks old today and I can hardly believe it.

-she smiles
-she tries really hard to coo, but still can’t get it out
-she wears size N diapers comfortably still (seriously!)
-her nb size clothes are getting too small, but her 0-3 are still big!
-she is awake a lot more often

The past 7 weeks have been a whirlwind. I feel like she was just born, but it’s been over a month, and that’s hard for me. I’m not going to say that she is most definitely the last one and I’m not going to say that we’re definitely going to have one more, but the fact that she might be our last makes me want this time to go by a lot more slowly. I love the newborn stage when they are still squishy and sleepy and curl up into a little ball in your arms. It’s perfect. And she is perfect and beautiful and I can’t believe she’s already 7 weeks!


I’m going to admit something, and it’s hard to do. I had a really difficult time bonding with her the first couple of weeks. The delivery was weird and super fast and I didn’t have much time before she was taken to the NICU. I wasn’t able to nurse her for a few days and I couldn’t freely hold her (like, without tubes and stuff) for a little longer than that. Things felt so completely off. All of that, and she looked NOTHING like my other babies did when they were born. There wasn’t the dark hair. There were no eyebrows or lashes. She was just so different.


But now I can’t imagine her not being here and not being mine. I can’t imagine my new baby being a dark haired, dark eyed little one. My fair-skinned, nearly-bald baby girl is exactly what I want. She’s a perfect and tiny little thing and I’ve bonded with her and gotten over any ‘off’ feelings or weirdness from her birth and her short stay after. Really…she’s perfect.

[she reminds me of Charlotte here]

Happy Monday, friends!


1 thought on “Seven Weeks

  1. megan chanderson

    As I was scrolling down I saw the last picture before your comment and I completely thought she looked like Charlotte too… maybe even Jamie. She is perfect and beautiful and you are an AMAZING mother. I wish I could be more like you. And it is completely understandable that things felt “off” at the beginning, but I see nor sense any of that from you at all. Or from her, she is thriving and happy and so sweet. My only complaint is that I don’t get to hold her often enough. I need to just come over and sit on your couch and hold her for a while. So there, I am inviting myself over. Happy seven weeks miss Olive. I love you.


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