Weekend Update

*sigh* what did we do this weekend?

The kids and Danny left around noon on Friday, so I was left to hang out with the baby girls.


On Friday, we ordered Fazzari’s and watched movies at home. That was it. Very, very boring. I needed boring, because quite a bit of my Friday afternoon was this:


Yes, she is very adorable even when she’s very upset, but after a while of hearing that from both her tiny set of lungs and Charlotte’s larger set, I needed a quiet and boring night.

But they decided to wake up verrrrrry early on Saturday. See, Charlotte has decided that she doesn’t need a nap during the day anymore. This is a horrible decision. She needs to just figure her stuff out and get back on the nap train because it makes Mama very exhausted. Up early on a Saturday was not in my plan. But having 5 kids ages 7 and under has taught me that nothing really goes as planned. So we tried to just go with it. I got up and made them breakfast. And by “made them breakfast” I mean that I poured them cereal and then turned on my DVRs I’d been saving for such a moment. Portlandia, Law and Order: SVU, Top Chef. They ate their cereal in the living room and watched Mickey Mouse while I showered. Then I got them bathed and dressed and fed (Olive) and we met Megan at Daily’s for some coffee and yogurt.

I didn’t want to go home, so we dragged Megan to get eggs, to Costco, then we hit up the park where we met some puppy friends.


Have you ever seen a basset hound puppy? Holy cuteness. The kids ran and played, saw our friend Cole, played with him, but after a bit it got really cold so we packed it up and took Megan back to her car and headed home to nap.


Oh, wait, but I had forgotten that Charlotte quit napping. So she sat in her room for an hour, mad at life, while I got crafty with my friend’s craftiness. That friend is Megan. Again. Well she had hand-drawn a sweet note for Olive’s baptism and I loved that her name was actually flowers….and I framed it.

[yep, that’s me being crafty]

After I did that, I fed Olive and put her in her swing to nap, where she naps every day. Alice was busy downstairs so I went to vacuum out the car (because there was a very fine layer of goldfish crackers in the backseat floors…). I walked in after about 10 minutes and Alice meets me at the door and says, “Oh! Hi mom!” (you have to know that she is very enthusiastic, all the time) “I was bewy, bewy, bewy caweful wiff Owive. She wanted yous milk. I singed to her and was bewy caweful when I cawwied her allllll over.” The look on my face must have asked her, “Are you serious?!?!?” because she said, “She’s okay, mom! I was bewy caweful. I not dwop her.” And she led me to my room…


She’s very sweet and was truly just trying to help, but we had quite the talk about leaving the baby alone and absolutely never ever picking her up unless Mama is right there to help. She nodded and said she understood, but let’s be honest. It will probably be attempted again. *sigh* I suppose now I have to watch them…..ah, the burden of children.

I let Charlotte whine and scream at me for a little while longer before I had had enough, so I got her out and put the girls in the car so we could run a couple errands (collect eggs, get a Starbucks, run to the mall, pick up our babysitter) and who ended up falling asleep?


NOT the one who desperately needed it. But what are you gonna do?

We picked up our babysitter and headed home because I needed a little mommy time. Mommy and Olive time I guess. And what does this wild and crazy mommy do when she needs to get away? She goes to dinner with her parents. Wow. You’d think maybe I’d plan a girls night with my friends or grab dinner and a movie with my bff. But nope. Dinner with the ‘rents. I’m not saying they aren’t totally cool…..because they are.

Anyway, we came home, took our sitter home, then drove back home and crashed.


This shirt is my new favorite. It says, “I’m So Tired.”

Sunday was another early morning. I seriously could not catch a break in the sleeping category of life. It was rough.


We all snuggled down in the pita bead (that’s what Maria called our bead when she was little) and waiting for an acceptable time to wake up and get moving. Starbucks. Papa and Lala visit. Egg collecting. Lunch at the church (yep, spaghetti feed). Haircut for Alice.


Home. But on the way home, this happened:



I put her in her crib as quietly and sneaky as I could and, miracle, she stayed asleep.

Alice played and played (she’s such a good player) and I did a little meal planning.



Miss Olive played on the floor.

[she’s so adorable]

And after a very short nap, she woke up. Charlotte, that is. Thank God Danny texted that he was almost home because the kids hung out with Daddy while this happened at Cenone’s:


[is hailey the cutest thing or what?]

We cut some wine bottles for Sadie’s wedding. Actually, Hailey did most of the work and I tried to be helpful. Sadie’s wedding is in just about 6 months. That might seem like a long time, but it’s not. That’s 6 months to get this body in acceptable shape. 6 months to get her table centerpieces cut and figured out. 6 months to find a cute purple dress (Hailey and Cenone already have theirs and they are perfect….so the pressure’s on). 6 months for the best parts: parties! Bachelorette, bridal, wedding prep…so many opportunities for parties. I love it.

So what did Dan and the kids do all weekend? It sounds like they shredded the hill pretty legitimately. Maria was pretty stoked to tell me that she can now do heelside AND toeside turns. She’s goofy footed. She went sledding. Highlights for sure. Jamie seemed pretty excited about the weekend, too, but by the time I saw him, he was 4 hobbits deep in Lord of the Rings for PS3. I’m so glad they had fun in McCall, but I’d be lying if I said I was excited for them to do it again….I’m way too tired.


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