Friday Favorites

Trinomial Cube

trinomial cube

Ok. So there will be more on this in the next post, but watching the kids of Children’s House Montessori complete this trinomial cube was pretty awesome. I also want to purchase one for my home. When I love Montessori materials, you guys, I just dive in.

PS I Adore You


PS I Adore You is an online shop that has a deal every day. But it’s not like Zulily where they are just super cheap every day, run of the mill brands. These are all really cute and unique things that are featured. It’s dangerous because everything is awesome. They teamed up with Hello Apparel (who I love equally as much) to offer these cute t-shirts to help with childhood cancer research. Obviously my children needed one each and so did Bellamy. We have friends who have been affected by childhood cancer, and if we can help the whole cause by buying some adorable t-shirts, we will jump on it.

Imagine Childhood

Imagine Childhood is also an online store. I like online stores. Sue me. Anyway, they have amazing toys for kids. They have outdoor exploration kits, birdwatching books and bird calls, tents and tipis, fairy homes, you name it.

Warm Mist Humidifier


This has been a lifesaver this week. Olive has been stuffy, I’ve been stuffy, so we put this on at night and it helps.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe


This YA novel by Benjamin Alire Saenz is wonderful. It’s about 2 teenage boys who meet at the pool one summer and become great friends. Their friendship turns into something more. There’s obviously so much more to the story.

Candy Kirby Designs

candy kirby designs

Candy Kirby Designs sells children’s leggings and blankets. Love.

There you have it, cyber friends. Friday Favorites.


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