How To: Sailor Knot Headband

I’m a lover of Pinterest…not a secret. When I see something I like, I usually don’t just stop at repinning. I usually also follow the pin to the link it’s attached to. I saw a sweet picture of a baby with a cute sailor knot headband and followed the link. It linked up to this. Super easy tutorial. I did it once with a shirt that I had in the “give away” pile and it turned out pretty adorable for Olive. But I wanted to try it with regular cotton fabric, not t-shirt fabric…there’s a difference…, so I did.

[that’s me being totally boho-chic]

(1) Choose the fabric you want (obviously, right?). Cut 4 strips, about 1″ wide. These were the full length of a fat quarter.



(2) Fold them in half and sew down the middle.


Do this to each one until you have 4 strands of “fabric yarn”

(3) Cut away the excess fabric (not the fold)


(4) Take 2 of the strands and make a ribbon shape on the floor or table (hindsight is 20/20. I clearly should have done this on the table for better pictures)


(5) Take the other 2 strands and place them OVER the ends of the ribbon and curving up, like the letter “U”


(6) On the right hand side, put the “U” tail UNDER the ribbon tail. Take the left hand side and put it UNDER the ribbon loop, right in the middle.


(7) Take the right “U” tail and go OVER the right hand ribbon loop, under the left hand “U” tail and over the left hand ribbon loop.


(8) Pull the 4 strands on both sides until the sailor knot is as tight as you want it.


(9) Cut the strands at the end so they are the same length.


(10) Cut a rectangle of coordinating fabric to cover the connection between the elastic and the fabric strands.


(11) Gather the strands, one on top of another, and add the elastic to the very end.



(12) Take the coordinating fabric scrap rectangle and kind of wrap it around the elastic + strands…tightly.


(13) Sew right down the middle of that.


(14) I never pre-cut my elastic, I just take what I have and put it around my head, hold my finger where I need to cut, and cut. Once you’ve done that, repeat steps 11-13 on the other side.

(15) Admire.


I like the aqua and grey better.



Totally fashion.



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