Post #725: In which I reflect on the importance of family and friends.

True statement:  without my family and friends, I would be a mess.

I’m the kind of friend who dives right in.  If we are good friends, you will know it because I will text you probably non-stop, invite you to our parties, write about you on my blog (sorry), gift you with things you probably don’t want or need, and 100% consider you family.  I am serious about friendship.  I don’t waste my time with people who don’t care about our relationship and I can be very judgmental and opinionated about whether someone is being genuine or not.  I have no patience for those who are not.  I should just be friends with everyone like Maria is, but I can’t.  That’s not the best quality, I know.

Life is not a rehearsal, my friends.

I also lucked out in the family department. We don’t fight, and I can’t really imagine us doing so.  Each one of them loves my kids more than I could have ever dreamed they would.  They love and consider Danny part of our family without hesitation and I know for a fact that they would do anything for us (and that goes both ways).

This weekend was Olive’s baptism- we had friends come to church to celebrate, friends come to our home afterwards for dinner, and friends who came to both.  Rockstars, my freinds are.

Josh and Liisa drove over from Portland just for the baptism.

It’s not a fun drive.  It’s not a fun drive when you’re a lawyer and are constantly working and probably should be home working on things like cases and depositions and critical eye witnesses (that’s what lawyers do, right?  I watch Law and Order, ok?).  And it’s definitely not a fun drive when you have to leave right after a dance competition on a Friday night and not even drive the whole way — have to stop in Walla Walla— get to town on Saturday morning and leave 24 hours later.

But they did it.

Patrick was going to fly up for it, too, but ended up having to attend a conference or lecture or something that he helped put together.  And I don’t mean to toot his horn for him, but it was kinda a big deal.  He’s basically the director of the CIA.  Basically.

We had the baptism (the high point being when Jamie did a rather theatrical and dramatic bow towards the congregation when they were applauding Olive’s entrance into the Church….) then had our family and friends to our house for dinner.  And it was a gooooood dinner.   Danny made flank steak and green beans, my parents brought baked potatoes, rolls and a salad (see?  The kind of parents who would bake 30 baked potatoes and transport them because they knew it’d be easier for us….plus they packed up all the ‘fixin’s’).  Patti brought a salad.  Alicia and Tobe brought a platter of the most delicious desserts.  There was wine.  There were amazing gifts (uhhhh….pope-blessed crucifix???).  By the end of the night, we were wiped out.

So today, we took it easy.  We met these fools for breakfast:



And Liisa and my mom. I don’t categorize them as ‘fools’ though.

We ate really unhealthy food. And drank delicious hot cocoa.






[the kind of family who buys my kids matching bacon t-shirts…bomb]



Then we went home because the little one was sick. Not the tiny one…the little one.


But to my friends and family (let’s just shorten that to family because you’re all grouped together in my book)…

[that’s Jamie saying, “we love you!”]

And at home, I’m spreading the love even more with some flowers. Because flowers scream, “Love,” to me. Love and spring. And pretty. And fresh. And who doesn’t need a little bit of all of that in their lives, right?






Thank you Josh, Liisa, mom, dad, Gary, Sally, Tracy, Abbey, Megan, Tara, Christian, Bellamy, Amanda, Aaron, Lauren, JJ, Ellen, Joel, Kara, Todd, Teresa, Madelyn, Henry, Audrey, ALicia, Tobe, Ava, Anna, Charlie, Wyatt, Lydia, Patti, Imy…..thank you for making our weekend wonderful.



PS:  Happy birthday to Cenone — she was out of town this weekend doing birthday stuff, or she and hailey would have been here for the festivities, too.


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