The Day of Love

Let me just say that I was not on top of my game this year for Valentine’s Day. I usually force the kids to do some cutesy picture with a corny saying and fill a bag with something uber cute and attach the picture. This year, the kids took Phinneus and Ferb, Cinderella, Fairies and My Little Pony cards to school.

The prep took forever.


Maybe because this boy was so excited for Valentine’s Day that he couldn’t hold it in.


Seriously, we had a countdown to v-day going for 2 weeks.


But after an hour, the Valentines were signed and put together.


Then I got really guilty for not doing something cute so I really quickly made these sandwich cookies and stuck them in bags.



By the time Valentine’s Day morning had arrived, I was seriously ready to be done with it. So many tiny pieces of candy and stuff.

But the kids LOVE it.


Because it’s not every day that you get sprinkle pancakes.


Happy Valentine’s Day, friends.


I hope you weren’t as easily distracted by cute cats like this kitten was…


And that you were spoiled rotten by those you love, even if it wasn’t a husband or boyfriend or girlfriend. Friends and little loves are just as good.



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