Tiny Spark Academy

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has online friends.  Ya know, friends who you have never actually met, but who you’ve grown to know through forums (I used to be a member of a photography forum a few years ago), Facebook, or Instagram?  Friends who you really kinda wish you had their cell phone number so you could text them every once in a while, but you honestly have no clue where they live, so it might be creepy to jump ahead to phone numbers.  People who you tell your mom about as if she should totally know who they are, along with their kids’ names.


I have a couple of those.  Lindsay is one of them, and I absolutely adore her.  Her girls are the cutest little things ever.  I secretly wish that they lived here so that Alice and Maria could play with them.  Lindsay is totally fashion, her photos are gorgeous, when she posts pictures of her house I get instantly jealous, and she’s an amazing mom.

Before I heard that Megan was possibly extending CHMS to include 1-3rd grades, Lindsay inspired me to start looking into homeschooling.  Just from the pictures she posts and her descriptions of them, I knew she knew what she was doing.  Her girls are always engaged and happy and her little one (and her big one) are very smart and with the program.  She’s not unrealistic about her experience so far and she most definitely doesn’t toot her own horn when she should.  She seeks out and finds some of the most creative, fun, and worthwhile activities to do with her girls.

And now…she has a blog where she is documenting it.  Thank God.


If you have every wondered about homeschooling, are interested in learning more, or you ARE a homeschooler, check out Lindsay’s blog.

You’re welcome.


2 thoughts on “Tiny Spark Academy

  1. liz

    I just looked at the first post…wow! this is the homeschool environment I have always dreamed of. Unfortunately, I don’t have the room to not have our dining room be our school room, and it never all stays put together. I am inspired though!!

  2. Lindsay

    You are the cutest, if not a wee bit delusional about my life. ;). I am so happy to have found you. And I agree, our girls would be fast and furious friends. xo


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