What’s in my….


I have a diaper bag that I take when we are going out to dinner, going to an event (does that make me sound swanky?) or will be somewhere for a while, but for day-to-day errands and such, I usually just carry this.


I can fit a lot in this sucker.



1. My wallet. I love this wallet. It zips up all the way around which I need because inside of that thing I have random stuff that can fall out. A red dress pin, a thank you card for Dr. Berg, loose change…

2. Check Book

3. Hand Sanitizer

4. Rainbow Magic Book. Maria loves these books.

5. H&M romper — Olive’s extra set of clothing.

6. Wipes

7. Burp cloth


8. Junk Mail

9. Tiny little diapers

10. US Weekly (because a little smut isn’t all bad)

11. Nose Frida — if you are having a baby or you have one, get this asap.

12. Itzbeen — if you’re thinking it’s been an awfully long time since her last feeding and diaper change, it’s because I forgot to set the timer 2 hours ago when I did it last.

13. The cutest thank you card.


14. Cynthia Rowley iPhone charger – this is awesome.

15. Baby sock

16. Nipple Pad wrapper. Yup, I just typed “nipple pad” on my blog.

17. Necklace purchased from Farm Chicks last year.

18. Headband from Nordstrom.

19. Headband from Sprinkles for Sprouts

20. Paper straws. You never know when you’re going to need a cute straw.

There you have it.  That’s what’s in my bag.

And look…the fox giveaway is starting to get some comments.  I knew you guys would pull through.  And you know what I’m going to do?  I’m going to let the winner choose whatever animal he/she wants.  Well…I’ll let him/her contact Shay and choose what he/she wants because while I know Shay can pretty much make anything, I’m not sure if I can promise it.

You’re welcome.

See?  It pays to visit my blog.


3 thoughts on “What’s in my….

  1. scgunderson

    I’m about to have my first kid. I think you should post something on a list of things I should make sure to buy! I just ordered an “Itzbeen” from Amazon! (thanks for the link)


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