Foxy Giveaway!

Know what it’s time for? A giveaway.

This is my new favorite thing. Are you ready for it? I’m not sure you can handle the awesomeness…



My friend Shay is incredibly talented and creative and is always coming up with adorable crocheted gifts. When Charlotte was born, she crocheted her a set of 3 animal bibs. She crocheted Jamie a dinosaur, Alice a mermaid and Maria an octopus. She makes headbands, wine and beer cozies, rattle playsets and slippers and, basically, anything you can think up. You should see the elephant she made Cenone. Ridiculous.

But for my blog friends, one of you is receiving this mounted fox head, shipped (if you aren’t local). I know. Crazy-generous and awesome. It’s how we roll.



You, too, can look as sophisticated as this gentleman:


All you have to do is this:

1) “follow” or subscribe to my blog (on the right hand side, there’s a place to sign up)
2) tell 1 friend about the giveaway and send them here (Let’s be honest, I will never know if you did this…)
3) leave a comment telling me and Shay where you’d put the fox and why OR why you’re so cool and think you should win.  That’d be more fun to read.

That’s easy enough, right?

On Wednesday afternoon I will use an online number generator to choose 1 lucky winner.  LUCKY is the key word.  Actually, I guess WINNER is, too.  LUCKY WINNER, you guys.

And for the love of all things crocheted, check out her Facebook page!

and Email shay at: to order something for yourself or to ask any questions.  She won’t bite.


16 thoughts on “Foxy Giveaway!

  1. Jordan

    We have begun fixing up my future sons nursery and I would love this precious fox on his wall:) the fox is so sweet and would look great on his grey striped wall!!!! I am nire than happy to take photos as well of the fox cozy in the nursery and would be interested in some more!!!!!! Love them:)

  2. Juey

    OK, so Wyatt toally needs this. The fox (or any other animal, for that matter) will go perfect in his nature/ourdoor-sy themed room… with his tree shelf and teepee bed, which we hope to get him soon once he transitions to floor bed.
    And if Wyatt wins it, I will totally take a picture or two… or three and send them along your way. Who knows, I might even come back to blogging and blog all about you and Shay and Wyatt and fox!

  3. Lindsay Caldwell

    First of all I thought about sleeping on what I would write in the comments section because we are going on night 7 of sleep deprivation from sick little guys. I’m very sure that you know what I am talking about but I didn’t want to take the chance of getting up and not having a moment to write something because mornings can be really busy and fly by so fast.
    So reason #1- The amount of wall space I have to fill up in this home is expansive, broad, wide, sweeping, boundless, immeasurable, limitless, infinite, enormous, immense, great, massive, colossal, gargantuan (my favorite) any way it’s a lot. It looks like we just moved in.
    Reason #2- Free/No shipping.
    Reason #3 The most important reason is that my favorite oldest son Henry is an animal lover. Stuffed animals are particularly his favorite because he can carry them around. (Our dog doesn’t like to be carried, he tried a few times.) I tried to put in a picture of his animal carrying cuteness but I guess thats not allowed.

  4. Jade

    I want this so much that it’s not even funny. Like, seriously, if you post who wins and it’s not me, I might blog stalk them which may turn into real-life stalking them until I either steal the fox from them or, worse, assume their identity. For the safety of all your friends and fans, I think you’d better rig this thing so I win.

  5. Pamela

    I love this cute fox! It would be perfect for our new baby’s room who is making her debut this spring. She doesn’t have many decorations in the nursery yet, so I am really hoping to put this on the wall for her! Love the blog!!

  6. Marci

    This is so cute! I’m pretty sure Conner needs this in his room. I don’t want to get to excited in case I don’t win, but I’m picturing it above his crib or next to his hanging book shelves.

  7. Cammie Marie Alford

    Honestly I would have entered a while ago if I thought I knew how to do it right. I’m not altogether that computer savvy but I believe I’m already a follower. If I was the winner of that fox I would definitely take it to the Alford cabin in Mccall to hang up. The walls there are adorned with many quirky and fun things. Everything from democratic party jokes, kids art, several years of former Alford ski passes, random works of metal art, you name it. Seems like the perfect place to hang a crocheted Fox if you ask me.:) the friends I’m going to tell just better my chances of winning over that fox.

  8. Jenny

    Ooooh! Love that fox! I have to say he would look pretty darn cute hanging in my daughter’s room. I mean, unless it freaked her out having a fox (missing it’s body) hanging out there. Then I just might have to steal it for my room.

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  10. Francesca Taylor

    Ruthie and Shay! This fox is adorable, you’re so talented! I’m already a (devoted) follower of your blog and told my sisters (again) to check out and follow your blog because they would love it, especially the ones with kids.

    I would put the fox in our babies nursery! We’re moving to Portland and I could see a whimsical-wooded-forest-creature theme being so fitting for her room. That little fox would fit right in.


  11. Annie Valek

    I’m a follower… and I I wanna give it to my parents for their cabin! I think it’s SUPER CUTE!!!! (and you realize if I tell people about this giveaway then i’ll have less of a chance right!?) 😉

  12. Amanda Grimm

    I just love this guy, I think I’d hang it in my living room. I have to say, you have the cutest mommy blog ever:)

  13. Jackie W

    1) I did it!
    2) I am sending my sister in law here. She would appreciate the irony of a nicely mounted (crocheted) fox head almost as much as I do. But if she enters and wins, I will harbor some resentment.
    3) First of all, I am the coolest because I’m the first entry. Normally a sign of eagerness, I’ll take it as being prompt. Secondly, I’d display the fox in either my main living area near the mantle, or in the common area right upstairs. Somewhere he’d meet a lot of people, and start a lot of conversations.

    If I’m the only entry, I would like to note that I am comfortable with winning against myself…because I did my best.

    Ruthie- what type of flowers are those on your mantle? They’re pretty. Also if I’m the only entry


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