Friday Favorites

The Honest Company


The Honest Company is my new favorite. For $79.95 a month, I receive 246 diapers and 280 wipes. Delivered to my home. FOR FREE (it’s free because I also have an “essentials” bundle that includes dish soap, laundry soap and some other things). At Walmart, I’d be paying $60 for 240 diapers. No wipes. And I have to go to Walmart to get them. Bonus? The patterns on these diapers are adorable. They’re fashion diapers. Were these made for my children?? (I’m a sucker for anything that comes in great packaging. Marketers can smell me 10,000 miles away.)



I’m a yogi. Okay, so maybe I just vinyasa’d my way back to class (I actually just like saying ‘vinyasa’) but I will become a yogi eventually. That is, practice daily and do an easily recognizable headstand. But before that, obviously, comes the ‘look good’ part. My post-baby belly does not fit well. What I’m saying is that it hangs out. It doesn’t fit in my body like it should. It spills over. Are you getting the visual yet or should I go on? No? You’re feeling sick to your stomach? Okay. Well I purchased a pair of Lululemon workout pants and they arrived today and I had to try them on to see what the fuss is about. Now I get it.

Moroccan Oil


If there is one friend who knows about how to take care of yourself, it’s Hailey. If I have ANY fashion advice or need someone to do my hair or my makeup, I think of Hailey. She said she uses Moroccan Oil and since I’m not one to let my friends have all the fun, I got some, too. It makes my hair silky smooth and totally hot. I think.

Little Boys’ Slub Knit Harem Pants


A-freaking-Dorable. These pants from Zara are awesome. I’m not sure if you knew this, but Jamie is a hip-hopper. He hip hops. These pants are not only comfortable, they’re also completely fashion. Jamie is also very fashion.

Splendors and Glooms


My mom is the librarian at an elementary school and is always offering to let me read new books for the kids when they come in. I love this. I love books. I don’t care if they are picture books, very easy novels, YA books or adult’s novels. This one happens to be for readers in the 6, 7, and 8th grade levels but older readers would definitely enjoy it, too. It’s set in the 1800s and is about a puppet master and the 2 children who help him. The puppet master seems to be involved in some sort of kidnapping, but it’s very mysterious. When a very wealthy family’s daughter goes missing, that’s when the helper children start to suspect something….

Tourance Baby Blanket


This is Charlotte’s favorite didi ever. It was given to Olive as a gift from my mom shortly after my ultrasound revealed her gender. But Charlotte found it and the corner of that blanket has been in her mouth ever since.

Yamaha Dirtbike


I ride dirt bikes.

You didn’t know that? Maybe because I just started on Tuesday. But let’s not pretend like I’ve never gotten on a motor bike in my life. When we first got married, we bought a street bike (a crotch rocket) and I rode that thing around like a boss. But it got stolen and our hearts have been broken ever since. Until this week when we decided that there is not a safer or better activity for young parents of 5 small children than going dirtbiking. We are smart. That led us to purchase some used dirt bikes. Confession: I’m mostly excited for the awesome jerseys, pants, and boots I get to purchase for our riding adventures.

Glitter Tape

glitter tape

Shop Sweet Lulu, you’ve done it again. You’ve offered a product I just couldn’t resist, so I purchased 6 rolls. Honestly, can you really have too many rolls of freaking glitter tape??? Answer: absolutely not.

**note: Zara and Shop Sweet Lulu…..for the amount of free advertising and major shout outs I give you, you should consider being a sponsor for my blog. Or, in the very least, send me some swag. I’ll talk it up for you….**


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