1 Month, Mud and Montessori

We woke up this morning like this:


Well I woke up much earlier with a pounding headache. I took a shower and came out to find that Alice had made her way up into the ‘pita’ (which is baby Maria talk for ‘family’) bed and snuggled in close to Olive. I caught her talking baby talk to her. So sweet.

Getting 5 kids dressed and out the door on time is not an easy task, so it helps when I choose clothes and lay them out for them the night before.


They also all get baths at night so that I don’t have to do it in the morning. Except for the ones who wake up with soaked pjs…


…those ones get baths. No one likes a smelly baby.

And that freshly bathed baby is 1 month old today. 1 month. Ah, quick. Make it stop. Let’s start living in slow motion before they are all grown up.


After breakfast, clothes on, and choppers brushed, we headed out to school. But not before making the bed.

Pet Peeve #465: unmade beds. I can’t stand them in my home. I will never leave the house without first making my bed, even if it means we’ll be 2 minutes late.


Why I think the made bed will make my room look put together, I have no idea. Because the diaper on the night stand, the baby poop on the comforter, and my 3 water glasses on the dresser would never make someone think that maybe things were less than perfect…


I also left the house this morning thinking things weren’t all horrible in 4-weeks-post-baby land. There is something about mint colored skinnies that can really lift one’s fashion spirits.


I added a sequined hoodie and my grey oxfords to kick it up a notch higher. Oh, you didn’t think that was possible? Well it is, my friends. It is. So anyway, I’m going to skip ahead in the day many hours because I want to get past the horrible part of the day…get it over with. That moment when I’m walking into dance, talking on the phone with my mom while also carrying Olive in her carseat. That moment when I’m trying to carefully navigate my way through puddles and mud. (It must be noted that dance is located in a building on a very busy street. 4-lane type of busy).

After “that moment” my pants looked like this:


Ah, yes. That is mud all down the shins of my very clean and fresh-looking mint pants (and all over my boots which I had to wear because it was rainy and wet and when I go get chicken eggs, I certainly don’t wear my oxfords…). But that’s not the worst part. I fell right in front of the busy street. The look on the face of the 20-something year old male passenger of the very large Dodge truck that slowed to a near stop to watch the disaster that was my life was priceless. His mouth was literally hanging open as if he wasn’t sure what to do: did he stop to help this flailing mother of 5 or just offer an apologetic look? He went for the latter.

Okay, we can rewind to the better part of my day.

That would most definitely be this:


This is a very serious model pose.  I had straightened her hair, so she felt like royalty.

I was trying to get pictures of them to use for their Valentines.

Adorable girl? Check.


Disgusting, gross, creepy zombie face? Check.


She thinks she is hilarious.


And so does Jamie.

“I don’t want you to be my Valentine.”


“Just kidding.”




But he’s hoping he can work the yoga “om” into it somehow. I’m not sure why we wouldn’t.


Then after all that ridiculousness, I took the kids to school. I dropped them off then went to run some errands, then went back to the school so I could hang out and take some pictures. I love getting pictures of this school in action.


Pink tower and brown stair are popular with my kids. Jamie thinks that the perfect classroom would be a classroom FULL of pink towers and brown stairs.



Number rods (I think?)









Math Work



Alice weighing some things…



She is very serious about her studies…

“Mom…I like to pretend this is my makeup…”


yes. Very serious.



I love it when things are organized and when everything has a spot and a place. You can imagine how much I love every single little basket in the classroom..






Alice is also learning how to tell time (not really….I think she just wanted to show off for me…)


There was a fun matching game going on, too.



But then it was about time for me to pack up the tiny kitten and go get Maria. Then dance, then wine night.

Yeah, I said wine night.

I packed up the 2 babies and we headed to Tara’s house. And I knew that inside Tara’s house, my favorite people wouldn’t care that I didn’t bother to change the mud-stained pants, but they would definitely laugh at me. I also knew there would be good food. These girls don’t disappoint.

Tomorrow is Friday Favorites, a post about our big change for next year and we’ll talk about the fact that I’m going to the Montessori Congress in Portland and that I’m ridiculously excited about it.

We won’t so much talk about it as I will type about it and you will read it. But you knew what I meant.

Stay tuned.


1 thought on “1 Month, Mud and Montessori

  1. Rachel Jameton

    I love reading your blog about YOUR beautiful babies, but am thrilled when I get a glimpse of one of mine, too.


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