What’s in My…..

Don’t pretend that you don’t like snooping.

Like you don’t peek into people’s houses when you’re at the door.

Or that you don’t want your friend to dump out the contents of her purse when she’s getting her chapstick because you wanna know what she hauls around in there.

You do. I know you do.

I have lots of places I stash things. We have a zillion junk drawers full of random odds and ends. My car usually holds more than just passengers. Our garage is ridiculous. I’ve got my makeup bag, my diaper bag, my camera bag, our bookshelves, our closets, and today….you get to see what’s in my fridge and pantry.

I’m not promising it’s exciting, but seeing a full fridge and pantry for a family of 7 might be interesting to some.

Just wait till I post “What’s in my junk drawer?”….now that’s one you won’t want to miss.

photo-5 copy

1. Miss Charlotte. Always in the fridge.
2. Costco organic 1% milk. We don’t always buy organic milk, even though we should.
3. Costco deep dish take and bake pizza. We haven’t tried these yet, but it looked pretty bomb.
4. Berries and pomegranate seeds. Perfect for Ria and Alice’s lunches.
5. Yogurt. Plain vanilla yogurt. MUST be Tillamook brand. Ask Jamie why.
6. JELLO pudding
7. Whole milk, cream (both for a recipe for this week), OJ
8. Condiments and sauces. We have more than we should (there are some tucked away on every shelf)
9. Deli meat (for lunches) and yogurt with fruity pebbles (also for lunches)
10. Farm fresh eggs, whaaaat??
11. Homemade alcoholic beverage. I made Dan save some for me (because we were given it when I was pregnant) but now I don’t know if it’s safe to drink….

We do have fresh food, I promise. But Charlotte is standing in front of it. Lettuce, carrots, celery, lemons, apples, chicken and other meat….all in the drawers.

photo-4 copy

1. Lunch bags hang on about 10 nails in our pantry.
2. I save paper bags. we have lots and lots of paper bags.
3. Baking supplies. It looks like I bake a lot based on the number of powdered sugar bags I have. But no, I don’t. I misjudged how many cups are in each bag and over purchased by about 5 bags.
4. Mmmmm iced coffee.
5. Cans and jars. Marinades, canned soup, simmering sauces, spices.
6. Lunch stuff (soup to go, granola bars, fruit cups, goldfish packs, that kind of thing) and apparently a bag of yukon golds
7. Juice.
8. Drink mixes – lemonade, tea, hot chocolate
9 and 10. Random shelves. Nutella, popcorn, granola, tortillas….

So there you go, Snoopy McSnooperson. That’s what we eat.


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