Step One

Step One: The Kitchen.


It’s the first step to getting my house in order.

It is rare that my house is a disaster for longer than a few hours. I don’t like clutter at all. I don’t like things on the floor, on countertops or crowded together. I like clear and open spaces.

Looking at the picture above is what I had looked at for quite a while. The way things were set up and put out. But it made me anxious. Clutter and chaos out in the open makes me very anxious and I can’t just let it go so I obsess over it (and other people don’t notice what I do, but whatev). Which led me to Step One and my new list (because I always have lists going) of things I need to do to lower my anxiety.

So after I did a few things, it looked like this:


It’s not a drastic change, but it’s enough for me. The fridge is clear. The corner is organized. The floors are clean. Enough for me.





The floors were horrible. The dogs leave muddy prints on the wood and dog hair gathers around the chair legs. Juice gets spilled and crumbs are inevitable. We sweep constantly. But now they are clean. Phew.

I don’t think you’d believe me if I told you how much calmer I am…blogging while sitting in a clean home.

While I was cleaning, the kids ran around like this:


Yes, I let that happen.

Along with this:


The owl face mask. She wore it for a solid 4 hours this morning. And while I fed Miss Olive, the girls did some climbing, because when Mama has the baby on her lap eating, they are pretty much free.


They stood on the windowsill and watched me. And Charlotte looked me square in the eyes while she tore out her piggy tails and jumped over and over onto the couch…even after I threatened her privileges. She’s brave.

And I’m a sucker because she still has her privileges.

And finally this baby was full.




[sigh…i love her]

[and so do the other kittens]

“Oh, mama, look at her eyes…she’s moving them!”

Yes, Alice. Her eyeballs do move.

“Mama! Look at her! Her foot is moving!”

Yep. Her feet. They move.

Alice thinks Olive is pretty smart.

Cuz she is.


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