Weekend Update with Ruthie (pretend that’s on SNL, it’ll be funnier)

My Friday started like this:


Yes. That really is my living room. We woke up on time, believe it or not. But one pin led to another and I had wasted 30 minutes. That always happens. So we rushed out of there, leaving it a disaster. We dropped off Ria and went to pick up Noah and back we came. But don’t worry, because within 20 minutes, it was back to this:


What you can’t see is the dust. So dusty.

My sweet baby slept the whole morning, so I was able to do some things like obsessively vacuum (which I’m trying to lay off of just a little bit, because it gets a little excessive), put laundry away and straighten up.


It was a half day, so by 11:30, we were off again to pick up Ria and drop the other kids back off at school. What did we do after that? I’m not going to lie, I can’t remember. Which means it wasn’t very exciting.

3:30 comes to soon.

So does dinner time.

Thank God I was so busy watching Downton Abbey (uhh…..best show ever) that I couldn’t even get up to start dinner and Dan had to make it. Because it was delicious.


Homemade beef stroganoff, green beans with onions and bacon and bread. It was so delicious. And thank God that Downton Abbey was still going on at bath time so I skipped out on that with the kids, too. I love Danny.

Saturday was bomb and let me tell you why. First, I got to wear my new skinny jeans and polka dot shoes.


If you need to know one thing about me, make it the fact that I love polka dots.

Maybe after the fact that I’m super hot, crafty, and the best mom in the universe with a killer eye for fashion. But after all of that, make it that I love polka dots…

And in my new getup, I attended an essential oils class. I’m fairly certain that I’ve shared with you my recent obsession with essential oils. After this class (which was really just a chance for these representatives to tell us about the oils and get us to buy some…I realize that), I’m pretty sure I’ll be the most zen, balanced, healthy, and beautiful human being with the aid of said oils.

They suckered me in, you guys.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

Olive and I came back from the class and were greeted by a bag full of special sauce.


Special sauce, for you freaks who don’t know, is a heavenly blend of ketchup, mayo, and other secret ingredients made by Sharps, only the best burger place in town. Town being Lewiston, Idaho. Impressed yet? It’s so delicious.

Oh, and Jim and Kelli came to visit us. They’re from TN, so this was very fun. I haven’t seen Kelli in quite a while and we love them. They are the best!

The girls had a birthday party at gymnastics, I had to go to Walmart (yes, had to), Danny went skating, then we got a babysitter to come watch the kids so we could go out. We do this more often than you might think and I seriously think that we need it every single time. Without it, we might go crazy.


[I changed shoes, in case you noticed]

We went to the Jackson Baldwin “Pay it Forward” auction. There were 10 million and 1/2 people there and after 40 minutes, my anxiety was sky high so we left. I am SOOOO happy that it was so full of people. It is a great foundation that helps families in the community who really, truly need it. After we left, we went to Sycamore Street Grill and enjoyed a glass of wine, a salad and….

…CROISSANT BREAD PUDDING!!!! We love Mason. He hooks us up every time.

Okay, so on to today, Maria had a reading part in Mass, we had a donut after (duh) and we came home and cleaned up. NOT the kids’ favorite job, but it had gotten absolutely out of control.

Now their learning areas (we call the downstairs our learning room which sounds so stupid, but they aren’t allowed to play in there and get all of the materials out willy nilly…so it had to sound serious) are clean and tidy.


And I quickly changed from church clothes to comfy clothes.


Oversized sweats, Danny’s t-shirt, bra optional. But not really optional because if I didn’t wear one then milk would drip out of these puppies like Niagara Falls and that is not a joke. TMI? I’m the queen of it.

We ate lunch. We watched Tv. Danny gamed it up.


He’s wearing headphones.

We fed some chickens.




Their egg production is back up, thank God. I’m always so nervous when we go to the coop and see that there are only a couple eggs. I never know if Andy has stolen them (…that sneaky fox, but much rather it be that than what it could be) or if the chickens aren’t laying (see? that’s what it could be).  Seeing all those eggs there was perfect.

**Someday, in dreamland, we will live somewhere with land. Checking on the chickens won’t involve a drive, it’ll involve a walk with an adorable basket in hand. There will be 15 chickens, all named something unique and different from one another and each week we will sell our eggs at the farmer’s market….**

That, my friends, is our weekend update.


2 thoughts on “Weekend Update with Ruthie (pretend that’s on SNL, it’ll be funnier)

  1. Hollie

    I honestly did add “and Seth Meyers” in my head before I even read “pretend that’s on SNL”.
    And Croissant Bread Pudding? It’s been way too long since I have been to SSG.
    Your blog is fun!

  2. Hailey

    I want to borrow those skinny jeans. I need to show you and Tara how to properly paint your nails one of these days too. And finally, I feel like Olive’s changed a ton. I need to come visit.


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